New battle strike tower day or night?


Does it matter if you get the incubator in the day or night? What i mean is, is the dna a set dino or does it change on what dinos you beat because they chamge at night time? So say u win in the day will u get day time dinos but if u win at night do you get night time dinos or doesnt it matter hehe


This is actually a good question. What’s the point of dusk and dawn? Is there a point to it?


Is there anyone to confirm this?


This variation is likely to exist. I believe the odds are proportional to the turn. I want Baryonix, I’ll leave it to fight at night.


What would the day time 1 be?


There’s no reason to think time of day effects incubator rewards. Other people with me got different Dinos despite doing it at the same time as me.


Yeah, I got baryonix on previous events this week and I did all of them during the day o:

Might be a matter of increasing or decreasing your chances for certain dinos? Who knows, I was kinda hoping for a mod to say something.

I’ll try in a bit and let you know


Well, I did the event at night and got 150 dna from baryonix in the last incubator (the rest were the same crap the other players posted on the other thread, except I didn’t get any gorgosuchus).

Compared to the others, I’d say night and day might in fact influence what you get on the incubators. If anybody else does it at night, please post how much epic dna you got on the last incubator and from which Dino!


I got 200 kaprosuchus and 230 gorgosuchus or however you spell it ha.


During day or night?


Night time and also other stuff that wasnt really worth much ha


I did the strike event on midday, got Caprosuco that usually spawn at night/dawn/dusk. :wink:


I did the event about an hour ago (3pm) and got baryonyx and gorgosuchus out of the epic incubator. I doubt time of day impacts the contents of incubators, but I suppose you can never be sure.


They like to keep it a secret and keep us guessing unfortunately this is one of those Hmmmmm I wonder questions!


At night it became a piñata and real cash came pouring down on me! I hear late night you might get a car as a prize! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::nerd_face::nerd_face::joy::joy:

So in other words I haven’t a clue!


Hahahha, it’s definitely uncertain, as most things in this game. I guess it doesn’t seem to matter between dusk and dawn, it’s pretty much all the same random crap.


Did mine way earlier today. Third incubator spat out 20 Bary. Final incubator was 102 Bary and 243 Postimetrodon