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New battle system option ASIDE from friendly battles and normal tournament/arena


Hello everybody!
I’m playing this game since launch and after some months I arrived at the conclusion that this game needs something more, especially to mantain things fresh, different and extend the longevity that this game can have.
And I think that this is a new battle system option, aside from friendly battles and arena tournaments.
My idea si somehow inspired by pogo, and its way to “divide” leagues and pokemons with different combat power. Translated into this game would be a new battle option (i repeat, aside from friendlies and normal arena) in which arenas have level caps for dinos, and in which players can CHOOSE which arena to fight in.
A system like this would allow players to play and fight with mooore many dinos than the same 8. Every dino in your dinodex would suddenly be usable in battle in different arenas based on its level. This also would mantain battles more “personal” (not all dinos at 26 as in friendly battles) because it would be based on what you really have.
Also, this new battle option would “solve” the problem of “arena droppers”: people who lose on purpose to drop arena for specific dna in incubators or for whatever reason, not funny at all for the opponent.
Today I found myself to do some friendly battles with a friend (by pure chance, and that’s why I propose it as something aside form friendly battles, because not everybody has the opportunity to do them constantly), with all kind of dinos, and i had more fun today than in the last weeks of tournament during which i fought with (and against) the same 10/15 dinos.
This is an attempt to bring some new and fresh stuff into the game in a similar way, always focused on the main aspect: battles, which, in my opinion, are not exploiting their maximum potential in terms of variability and “freshness”.
What do you think??