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New Battle System Option


Hello guys,

Yesterday I got a big losing streak with dinos way more leveled than mine and was really frustating…

I was thinking that maybe it will be good if Ludia adds a second type of battle system without getting rid of the current one, like having 8 randomly dinos at the same level shown to both players, each player select 4 of them to battle, so it will be more about strategy and more just.

Winner gets incubators and trophies, loser lose trophies (for this type of battles).

this way we can have an option to battle more fairly and use any dino available in the game while leveling up our team without sacrificing current battle system.

What do you think?


Because that’s what the game needs; another battle mode with more rng. Honestly if this was implemented I dont see it improving the game at all the battles wills still be messes of frustrating rng.


Isn’t that from one of the clash royals events?


Honestly the best thing is for there to be a competitive arena (ranked) and here to be a chill arena (casual)


My idea is a bit different: a level cap for each arena, and the possibility to choose in which arena to fight in, in a way to allow players to use a way greater number of dinos end enjoy the game in a more complete way, and keep it more “personal” (not all dinos at same level), because you would use what YOU effectively have in base at level and your coin investments. This would allow also to “create” various teams for every arena and keep the game fresh and various. All of this without trophy count but with incubators as a reward.
What i think everybody agrees on is that we need an other battle system option other than friendly and what we have now🤣


Considering that battling bots no longer affect your trophy count, I would be up for a PvE style battle mode. I enjoy the strike towers, but the problem with those is that you can only do them once. Having somewhere where you only fight bots would suit me down to the ground.

You can farm incubators in PvE and then switch to PvP for a challenge or earn trophies to reach the next arena.


The problem with this is if casual mode gives incubators… most will just fill their incubators up in this easier mode.

Heathstone has a casual mode… last time i played it was full of tier 1 decks… with competitive people mowing down casual decks made to complete quests for easy wins.


That’s true. I only want a casual mode cuz during tournament seasons once I get to my goal trophy count I’m too scared to try to battle more and get more incubators. I go for like days without incubators and that’s kinda rough


I wish they would do a highest rank achieved like in clash royal… but with the current system that would give out way to many first places and would encourage win trading.


I just wanna fight bots from the start honestly. That’s all I want in life is to be able to chose what I wanna fight. Is that to much to ask for?