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New big creatures besides Dinos


Hey i think we need some creatures besides Dinos for example a giant wasp queen would be great or add different types of Xenomorphs(if is possible) or Spiders how about you guys? What creatures besides Dinos you like to see?

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I would like to see an additional biodome only for prehistoric insects with their own classes, battles and finally tournaments. No new ‘big’ creatures but great.


@Tommi nice imagine how Xenomorph warrior would be so cool dont you agree?images-1


@Carnage_Akemi, looks great but unfortunately never walked the earth. I don’t know if such a creature is compliant with the philosophy of the game. On the other hand Ludia opened the gate to Science Fiction when they introduced hybrids.


Yes any else creatures you wanna see in the game?


I’m not sure, we must keep in mind not to forget the purpose of the game which is building some kind of zoo for animals that walked the earth millions of years ago. Hybrids offer some room for ‘unreal’ fantasies, but in general there should be a connection to reality. So what was on earth before man? Protozoan (maybe a little bit boring), invertebrate, insects (presumably most interesting) and now I’m beginning to regret that I didn’t study biology because I’m out of ideas…plants…rock…lol.


I completely, one hundred percent, agree that that prehistoric bugs should be added to the game. There is, like, NO OTHER GAME on this PLANET that respects our insect and arachnid ancestors! If Jurassic World, being a game that has taken the dinosaur and ice age creatures collection to the next level, implements in prehistoric bugs… well, nothing could beat it. I want to log into my game, and right there popping up in my face is an announcement saying “You can now own a 9 ft long centipede!”

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@Ap0Lo_VII Yah how about Xenomorphs types? Since they are also females :slight_smile: