New Bleeding Hybrid

So hopefully they add Elikospyx’s bleed back, but another bleeder could come with it. This bleeding hybrid could be more about Cleansing itself. By combining Spinotaraptor and Allosaurus Gen 2, I got Spinotasaurus.
Moveset of Spinotasaurus:
Fierce Strike
Parasitic Wound (Details lower in the comment)
Rending Takedown
No Escape
Stats of Spinotasaurus:
3500 Health
1300 Attack
121 Speed
0% Armor
20% Critical Chance
100% Immune to DoT
100% Resistant to Deceleration

Parasitic Wound would cause the opponent to lose up to 40% of their hp, and you receive 25% of your points while cleansing yourself over 2 turns. It has no delay and a 3 turn cooldown.

Hope y’all enjoy this! Leave your thoughts down below!


Balanced. Destroyed by speedsters and it kills tanks like maxima


I like it a lot and it’s actually balanced. Only gripe is allo2 now has 2 hybrids

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Mammoth used to, and woolly rhino does, but I get what you’re saying

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So what do y’all think of the Parasitic Wound?


I’ve wanted something like this. Something like a leeching wound. I will say that the damage is a bit high for a bleeder. It should have some because of allo gen 2, but that’s on par with chompers and speedsters. And an interesting, but good move I’d add would be immobilize. You basically, against dio and tryko, get a free extra boost of hp. I would also add no escape so that the crocs also struggle


Ok. So maybe 1550 or 1600 damage, and replace gashing wound with Immoblize?

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True, but this week we have Allo gen 2 in the incubators at least. Plus, you can put him in the sanctuary.

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More like 1200

Spinotaraptor has 1400, and with Allo Gen 2 at 1800, it would make more sense to boost the attack. Maybe 1500?

But mammoth was similar. You had 3 really strong creatures (one was the #1 and the other was #3) all include mammoth, and it’s hard to get all of them up. The sanctuary just didn’t pump out enough to meet demands

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Good one. As for Parasitic Wound, I suggested something similar for certain prehistoric bats.

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But bleeders normally don’t work like that. Bleeders are usually toned down in damage, and with the ability to sap away 25% of maxima’s hp every turn, it will stay alive for a while


Thanks. Just thought it would be a good touch

Thats not how it would work. It would take 25% of your health from Ardent, not 25% of Ardents and converting it into 25% of your own, although that could be a way it does work.

Oh, then I would buff the move. Bleeders are supposed to take out the bulksters like maxima and gemini, so the leeching wound would help these guys with lower hp stay alive longer. But the way you had your leeching move, then the damage is fine

So what would be better for balance? Have 25% of the opponets health taken and become 25% of your health and I lower the damage a bit, or 25% of your health gets taken from the opponent?

You steal 25% of maxima’s health, and regen 1500 hp (the hp you stole). The bleeder would have lower hp and damage, but the bleeder would cleanse, so slowing isn’t a problem. Speedsters like mags, erlidom, and even dilorach are gonna counter this bleeder specifically, and they shouldn’t be faster than 125 speed because this is where cunning creatures excel

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Ok. I like that.

Currently, thylacotator is the best bleeder because it has the bleed+RT one two. It has some hard counters as it lacks a priority move and doesn’t have extreme bulk, and with rend resistance, it’s pretty balanced. Pterovexus is probably second best, and while it can’t be slowed, it doesn’t have high damage to deal with creatures that are immune to bleed, so those creatures stop it. You want to make it strong, but not OP, but also not trash

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