New boost shuffle event

In your opinion, boost shuffle events, should occur:
  • Every month
  • Every 3 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Once a year
  • Never
  • Randomly

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Remember, game changes, every update things could get messy or even upside down - so by that, a boost shuffle event it’s not a evil kinda thing, it just needs to be done wisely.


I originally voted once a year, but then switched to never. Why?

MY OPINION AS FOLLOWS: Let me stress this

UNLESS a total gutting of a dinosaur occurs (such as what happened to ardentist during the early 2.0 era) which effected a lot of players and was due to an issue on Ludia’s fault. Then no, as I feel like it would lead to tons of other issues that would lead to bigger complaints.

Other than players who are recently playing and don’t really understand deeper mechanics, the majority know the value of boosts, yet, instead of sitting on them before investing, they burn them and then are dissatisfied with the results. (Remember when Ludia was like, look, we’re giving all of these back, hold on to your boosts before spending. What did a lot of players do? First 5 minutes of the game, super charged some of the most… “interesting choices” in the world and then complained about another boost reset. 🥸

Yes the meta changes, but that’s life. There will never be a true “end game” for this platform. That’s what keeps the $$$ coming in from a company perspective. At the same time, thoughtful investments are key.

I feel that having a system of pre-planned boost autonomy will be a long term bust in ways that we don’t realize. Everyone complains about super powered Thors. Ok cool, what about a constant stream of super powered “flavor of the months”.

Anyway, invest wisely. I don’t believe in a scheduled handicap. For those that truly make a hard mistake, especially as newer players. Maybe create a 3 strike system that is linked to their accounts where they are allotted 3 forgiveness points to freely remove and reallocate boosts elsewhere. After that, back to business as usual.

Again, my opinion.


You really can’t. If they want to, they can ruin mammolania and no one will see it coming, but now people who use it are left high and dry. They could make erlidom THE speedster and an absolute monster next patch, but now we have nothing and many of the creatures on a team can become useless if this occurs. There is some truth to this, but a boost reset is used to keep things interesting. Mix it up a bit. You can “invest wisely” by leveling up creatures on the side. I’m not using gem, but still leveling it.


They’ve placed a monetary value on boosts.
Not having boost resets while continually nerfing creatures is effectively a money grab that cuts down on their player base.
I’m not sure Ludia recognizes this, or even cares. They seem to be a hit it and quit it kind of company.


Yes you can. Within reason.

Is ANYTHING in this world infallible? No. You have people who are super careful with everything, yet random occurrences, wipes all of that effort away.

Is that a reason to throw hands in the air and go YOLO, just because ANYTHING may happen? Sure if you want to, just accept the consequences or benefits, that may come with.

STILL what you have described is the Ardentist incident that I spoke of earlier. So yeah, what you’ve said has major validity. YET, Ludia made up for that gaff. As long as they make due, then I’m not complaining.

Anyway, as I stated earlier. I posted my opinion. That was it. I made a stance. Am open to hear viewpoints otherwise, yet, I doubt it will change where I stand as this has been debated before at least once a month. There are basically 2 camps, maybe 3. But it boils down to yay or nay.

Nay baby

I think stuff like changes to raids (especially Apex raids) should be included too. And it’s kinda hard to draw a line between changes that aren’t big enough to warrant a shuffle and ones that are. Almost every update Ludia’ll change something unpredictably, so I think having one shuffle per update is fairly safe.

And direct nerfs aren’t the only things that can devalue boost investments. Take the Thor buff in 2.3, where it got DoT resistance. That instantly made all bleeders less viable in the region of Aviary, since Thor is everywhere and DoT can be really useful for dealing with those high HP stats.


every 2 updates

There should never be shuffle events because slow boost redistribution should be allowed at all times. If I want to rotate my level 25 dioraja for my freshly leveled 24 mammolania, I should have to redistribute boosts slowly from one to the other over a period of time in a planned manner. Shuffle events are hot garbage because people can just power boost things to absurd levels for tournaments and arena matches to mess with people, but having no system to normally reallocate boosts is equally awful because if your creature is nerfed such that it fails to perform its niche…you’re out of luck compared to the guy who boosted a random creature who got buffed into relevancy. There’s no strategy to that, only luck of the draw, and it needs to be dealt with.


Its impossible to invest wisely, as Ludia mostly make significant changes to creatures or their stats. If you look at Magna, how it was indirectly nerfed. Magna is wild card, so can deal with everything. In reallity mostly can only deal with Thor. Most tanks can easily beat Magna, unless it has really high boosted attack. Though if you make beefy hard hitting Magna, other speedsters take it out easily. Building speedy Magna means less damage and less health. Fierce creatures that can cleanse distraction, can take out Magna.

Occasional boosts reshuffle wouldn’t hurt. Timed during epic advantage tournaments would be best. As they said they will make significant changes every two updates, so every 3 montjs would be ok.


Better relate reset to update Boost reset (Poll)

No matter what type of survey, you’ll never get the real opinion of every members because you cannot include everybody’s opinion on boosts… Effectively, I find Area4’s survey much better, but still, in my own opinion there should be a reset of only ONE dino every 2 months and that’s it. Boosts are simply the most valuable asset in this game. Seriously, does anybody get a new dino to team level faster than 2 months??? And let say Ludia make a big mistake again like making Maxima OP with version 2.0. What’s the worst that happen, you wait a few weeks and boost yours in the next cycle. Then a month later, they nerf it a little and you don’t like it, you wait a little and pull the boost out of it, and put them somewhere else. So this way, players could change one dino every two months, adjust their team to the meta slowly. Any full boost reset simply allow everybody who spent their boost carelessly on copying the meta overnight. No skill in that… The meta doesn’t change overnight… So there’s no need for full reset often.


But then YOU ALSO will be able to boost the MVP-Rex of the season…

Yeah, the whole benefitial idea of a boost shuffle event is exactly to counter balance things when the metastats change…

Many people boosted Thor. Many people boosted Monolometrodom.
A lot of people complain about it.
Suppose that Ludia nerf Thor and Monolom, there still be a lot of complain (with arguably reason) from the guys with boosted Thors and Monoloms. That’s fairly obvious.
BUT… IF we have the chance to shuffle and change those boosts when the meta changes, the complaints should be minor, and arguably it will make the game a fairer place.

One could argue that this is not meritocratic and this and that. Look again.
There’s basically two ways to acquire boosts: buying it with real life money, and getting boosts from incubators/events.
The second way (the free to play path) is effective as well, but demands time and skill. The first one demands money (which can be achieved by time and skill too, but not mandatory, and that’s a whole new discussion). So, at the end of the day boost shuffling is not that big bad wolf, because the “rich dudes busting their bank” will be there anyway. It doesn’t matter if you can fully boost your Thor or your Ardentis or whatever… The players who have bought more boosts will have more weapons in their arsenal to use. Simple as that.
If you have 30 boosts and put all into one creature, the rest of your team will remain virgin and pure untouched. So, you go to arena, excited as a kid with a brand new toy, ready to crush 'em all… and you face a guy with 300 boosts - all spread across a dream team of Uniques and Apexes. Your chances are dramatically reduced, it’s simple math. Actually, this makes the game more interesting for new players, because gives them a real chance to grind up and even beat some of the upper level creatures they face - but again, in any of those scenarios, if the “lucky player blessed by boost shuffle” needs to deal with the hashtag team money dude… Money talks, always.

And after all we’re in the same side, seeking a fairer arena and a better game for y’all :sunglasses:

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Bottom line: there’s no way to fully please both Greed’s and Thorojans.

I’ll restate that the issue with a shuffle event versus a real, integrated (and slow) boost redistribution system, is not that stuff will be max boosted, but instead that max boosted things will appear where they previously weren’t. People can freely spend and funnel boosts from raid/tournament/PvP into whatever they’re battling with, and this leads to horrible matches against people who were staying competitive with lower levels of boosts in whatever arena the whales pop up in.

Would be nice to have boost shuffle event once in a while. I voted every 3 mounths i think that would be nice but if for Ludia its too fast to do every 3 mounths then at least every 6 mounths would be ok too.

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My idea was to charge DNA to apply a boost to a dinosaur. You want to apply a boost to Thor, it also costs 500 Thor DNA. If you remove a boost from a dinosaur, you get 100% of the boost back, but you don’t get the DNA back,

So you could always get all your boosts back, but it’s not as simple as continuously swapping boosts from dinosaur to dinosaur as you would also need to collect DNA.

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How about the sheer fact that they just added all these apex dinos? Just for that there should be a FULL reset ASAP. Not everyone can afford to just keep buying boosts for all these new dinos they add.

Not sure what you mean by “JUST ADDED”… Mortem came out in August last year. So I’ve started stockpiling boosts for it back then and when I finally got it, I had room in my team for it (unboosted dinos) and enough boosts to boost it at what I consider team level and be very usuful in raids. After that, I started stockpiling for Hadros, and I should have enough for that one as well to bring it to team level when I’ll get it in a week or two. And guess what, right after that, I’m stockpiling again for the next one. (though this time, I’ll have to pull a boosted dino out of my team to make room but if it’s as good as I think it will be, it won’t be such a hard choice…

i stockpiled boosts for the apex dinos. still am. I wont have enough to put 26 each into all of them, but if i spread them out i’ll have enough to keep them relatively even without any problems.