New boost shuffle event

500 thor dna do you have any idea how hard that would be on something like tryko to max boost it 15,000 unique dna in comparison leveling a unique from 21 to 30 is 3000 dna nobody but the very top would ever even consider boosting a dino even once

No that makes it worse, stuff like thor and mono are easy to make, which means the dna are easily accessible, people can add/strip whenever they want, but for things like apexes or uniques like gemini or smilonemys or tenontorex, they’re much harder to acquire dna which makes the game even more unfair

So everybody having to put some effort in to make their dinosaurs have a boost advantage is unfair. But a purchasable boost advantage that requires no effort at all is fair to everybody?

I’m not against boosts, I’m against the amount of easily applied over-advantage they offer. They should offer an advantage, but it should only be equivalent to a couple levels, not 6-7 levels. There is no skill in PvP anymore, it’s who can afford the most boosts.

The more exclusive the crowd this game caters to gets, the more the player base will decrease. And the smaller the player base gets, the more the longevity of the game shrinks.

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500 was just a quick number. Obviously a correct cost would need to be figured based on other factors (such as rarity).

Been playing since the beginning. I only spent money on VIP for a few months (during the first wave of unique, long time ago) and a bought a few of those Interactions package so I can level up my dinos faster (but I think it’s almost a mistake because it’s leveling up the dino too fast, should have saved the money and kept grinding). But the main thing is that I never bought any boosts, yet I have enough for my whole team. Simply grinding a lot and going through incubators like crazy (spending most of my HC burning them). Currently, my team has 6 dinos fully boosted, and two non boosted. But I have enough boosts in stock for my future Apexes who will replace the two unboosted dinos. Honestly, currently, I’m worrying that I’m getting close to my end game. I hate tournaments (that would be were I would apply future boosts after I get my ideal team with 240 boosts, but as I said, not really interested).Sure enough, my “end game” is not finishing in the top 500… Just hopefully sit on the beach full time (I was almost there until Ludia crushed my dream with the new matchmaking). Anyway, what I’m saying is that sure enough, you need a lot of grinding and playing time, but it’s still possible…

You can not invest wisely, that’s entirely the point. I agree not all dino’s will be completely gutted like Ardentis was but there are big enough changes that they make a good Dino no longer good enough.

Irrespective of the above opinion, the main reason to reset boosts is without it you are locked in to the same team for incredibly long periods of time unless you want to severely handicap yourself.

I have been playing since day 1. I currently have 156 boosts on my team. That is all of my boosts. Whilst others may not do this I think it’s fairly safe to safe that’s a common thing to do. Now I didn’t randomly Chuck those on dino’s for the sake of it. I even waited from the last reset up until the latest update to invest my boosts. I have the plan on how I would spend the 240 boosts saved and build to this plan. That’s all fine.

However, I already would like to put other dinos in my team and if I was willing to spend the huge sum of money to buy the boosts to not weaken my team I would do this now. Some of it may be hindsight, some may be because you can’t fully tell how your team is going to do with those boosts distributed accordingly until you have actually invested them, but it is mostly that it is fun to change your team around on a semi regular basis.

Not allowing boost resets to an extent prevents this. Clearly you can get them back at half cost but that’s ridiculous. Clearly I could start to invest new boosts as I get them into alternate dinos, but that takes an enormous amount of time and puts you further behind the whales of the game. This should not be the direction a game goes down.

Clearly, Ludia is a business and in the interests of making money. They likely want the high spend players to purchase boosts for entire BWS teams rather than wait for a boost reset, I get it. But I am sure the loss of the player base somewhat offsets this.

I don’t really get the concern that boost resets have. Everyone starts off again on equal footing with boost distribution. There is no reason at all in my opinion that you can say this is bad for the player environment. I for one, do not want to be stuck with my same team for another 2 years because of a commitment I made based on 3 patches worth of playing before deciding at the time the team I would use.

only issue people seem to have is doing it during a tournament weekend. (at least the one i think has any weight) if you never bothered with your arena team, and just boosted for tournaments, you’d be pretty peeved that your advantage is no longer there because everyone can take their boosts off their arena team, place it into a tournament team, take higher prizes, and then put them right back on their arena team.

Thanks, I remember the boost shuffle event having that problem yes. But that can easily be avoided by doing the boost shuffle mon-thu. Gives 4 days of PVP battles to rest anything you want without effecting tournaments.

They could even time it to do it at the start of trophy count resetting.

To me Boost system just need a full refund option when Ludia nerfs it . You invest on a Dino and after a while it gets nerfed well Ludia could give 100% boost back to you for the inconvenience of screwing your Dino but only for that particular Dino. Then you have the 50 Boost refund which i think is fair on none nerfed Dinos. Reseting all Boost is not an option since you can cheat by using all of it for certain tournements Dinos and do it again, so of course is a no for that.

if ludia is going to do balance changes every other update, then maybe a shuffle event during non tournament times can be a thing. if not every balance update, every other. its still 2-3 months between balance updates. a perfect opportunity to do a shuffle since players have unlocked new creatures and things are changing.

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I agree. At the very least, it should be done twice a year. Maybe pick a good 6-months staggered holidays like Thanksgiving and Valentines to do a boost shuffle event… by 6 months, more than a handful of new dinos are released and hopefully you have unlocked more than you had the previous 6 months. Plus as the meta changes you can rip off boosts from benched dinos and apply them to newly used ones. That seems fair to all players while still being long enough for people to still want to buy boosts for Ludia’s pocket.

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240 boosts wow lol I’ve got like 40 something

You guys are delusional , if i were a Ludia depeloper i would never do a Boost shuffle event. I would rather my clients to spend their money buying boost for new added Dinos and with that money create and update the game. The only thing that should be done is for nerfed Dinos to refund all Boost invested on them and that would solve your issues but a total refund for all the boost imagine Ludia boost income would go to the bottom. Lets be objective.

I love boost shuffles it’s a chance to experiment with new dinos try things out and have fun boost shuffles are probably my favorite aspect of the game rn

Ardentis was never really gutted. It was way overbuffed from 1.4 to 2.0, and since we had a boost reset, overnight, everybody had an OP Ardentis in their teams since everybody maxed it in boosts. This is the perfect example of why it’s bad to have too many boost reset. Everybody then simply copy each others and end up using the same OP dinos (or top tier list dinos). I agree with you that it’s nice to be able to change our own teams, but if it’s too easy to do it often, the problem is simply that EVERYBODY will eventually have the same 8 top tiers dinos in their teams all the time. So, yes, a boost reset is nice after a huge dino shuffle like they did from 1.4 to 2.0. But doing it often will only mean that we will always face the same teams over and over. Basically, the top 8 dinos.