New boost system ideas welcome!

I’ve noticed a lot of discontent about the boost system recently. To be honest, it’s transparent, and annoying to set boosts with monthly updates.

Thus, I would suggest a new system, and would like to put together some suggestions:

  1. Make a semiannual boost week. Place them in January and July. This way players know when this is coming.

  2. Make a certain number of free refundable boosts per month. Let’s say 5.

Both of these systems would benefit both the players and Ludia. There would be much less discontent with the boost resets that seem to be at the whimsy of those in charge. Patient players can slowly change their boosts, while dynamic players can buy boosts when needed.

Please post below if you have any other ideas for a for how to improve this broke system!!


The easiest way would be a special “coin”.
You can use the coin to fully unboost something.
Coin could be rewarded in the 30 daily loggin streak. Maybe a special over for HC.
Or an other way. The possibilitys are endless.

I wouldnt mind if these coins would be rare or expensiv.
At least we wouldnt lose progress for unboosting.