New boost system incoming. Now more than ever, Dracoceratops should be nerfed

I REALLY hate to beat a dead horse, but now that boosts are being changed, and Ludia is actually asking for community input and listening to us, this needs to be addressed.

This new boost system will benefit dinos that don’t need one of their stats to be useful. This includes tanks, which don’t need speed, and bleed/rend users, which don’t need attack. DC is included in this category. DC needs no speed whatsoever. It benefits from having no speed thanks to acute stun. This new system will allow players to pile on as many attack and health boosts into DC as they can, without worrying about speed boosts limiting their total boost count they can have on it. I’m sure you can see how this would be problematic.

Dinos like Erlikospyx and Magnapyritor will suffer because they need to actually spend boosts in EVERY stat, and are now more vulnerable to DCs, which will now be stronger because of a lack of speed boosts weighing their total down.

This is the time. This is the time to nerf dracoceratops. It will terrorize the arena even more than it does currently with this new system. This is the time to act. 1.9 introduced Swap-In Stunning Strike. Perfect move for Dracoceratops, considering its triceratops ancestry. You could even put Dig-In on it too. You could even buff the health on it to compensate for the damage loss or whatever. Just take off SI rampage.

Ludia, we know you’re trying to listen to the community, and we appreciate that more than you could imagine. This is the ONE thing you absolutely need to address in order for players to have a good time in the arena. This is the ONE thing standing in the way of a fun game, now that boosts have been changed for the better.

Please, do the right thing. Can we count on you guys?


I’d say before we ask for a nerf again, we see how badly it can be exploited. People pump damage and health on DC, then we do the same to its counters. Utasino, smiloceph, phorusaura. All are naturally faster and are lethal turn one. Smiloceph and phorusaura have a chance to stun on swap in so that’s a plus.
Don’t get me wrong, I think DC should be “nerfed”. But we should wait to see how badly it is exploited in the new system before any changes are made. (By nerf, I mean a change of abilities. No regen, and drop the swap in rampage for a stun strike or a regular impact.) Who knows, DC may fall off the curve after this. We will just have to wait and see.

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Dracoceratops have already been nerfed
Its still strong but lets face it and count how many creature can now take him down on equal lvl

That’s the issue though. Things like smiloceph and phorusaura need ALL of their stats to be boosted. You can’t neglect attack, health or speed on them. Same thing goes for any other dino used to dispose of DC. This weighs significantly on their total count, and it’s pretty unfair since DC doesn’t have the pressure of speed boosts on its shoulders. Perhaps if it did need them, it would have be fine. But, as it stands right now, I don’t see anything but prosperity coming DC’s way with this change.


How do smiloceph and phorusaura need speed to deal with DC? They are both plenty fast in their own right. Phuro has an instant charge and has a base speed of 130. Smoloceph has a speed of 127. Both have decent health to back them up, and they dont need to stay in a fight. Both are best used as a revenge kill, but they both can kill DC and deal some damage to the next dino before they swap out. I don’t see a problem.

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They need speed in order to keep pace with the rest of the meta. DC isn’t the only thing out there. If you go into the arena with a base speed fast dino like Erlidom or Smiloceph, you won’t have a very good time.

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You can if you use it right. My smiloceph, t5. I fight people with t5+ boosts in speed on pretty much everything. Essentially smiloceph is at base speed then. It does its job. Kill DC and possibly take on something else. That slower speed allows it to deal damage, leave the fight, and send out my next dino at full health, possibly getting a swap effect off as well. There is no need for it to stay more than 2 turns if the rest of the team is balanced. Speed boosts don’t nessecarily matter if It will take too many to even catch up to anything that out speeds you. It’s better to tank 1-2 hits to get out, deal some damage, and set up the next dino.

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Max damage at level 30 with 20 class tier of boosts applied to it will be 2224. That would probably leave other only 10 tiers of boosts for the other stats (based on the example in the notes: 21 boosts cap for a lv 21 dino, so assuming 30 boosts cap for a lv 30, with a 20 tier cap for a single stat). I think it wilk be strong but not unplayable.

I can’t wait to boost my Dracoceratops. LOL


Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have DC nerfed as well. But if by reaching level 30 on a creature you were able to go 20-20-20 on all stats then there won’t be an unbalance problem with creatures that only need 2 stats. When this new system gets implemented, some time later people will complain that their glass cannons that they spent so much time and/or money on can’t keep up with the meta and had to be benched for their mediocre performance compared to dinos that only rely in hp and damage.

I think there are only a total of 30 boosts per dino. 20 max in a single stat tho. So unless the max level gets increased, we wont see 20-20-20 dinos


Boosts and swap-in rampage need to go the way of the dodo bird. The game was MUCH better before those two poorly thought out ideas were implemented. Pay-to-win ruins the fun.


I know, that’s why I said It If It were possible to get 20-20-20 stat enhancing at level 30 then It wouldn’t be a problem.

This new system is the end of the speedster era. Since they are required to be balanced to be useful. DC will destroy them, and at the same time DC will have a lot less counters since the chompers will have to forgo some of that balance as well. Hate to say it… but DC needs to be rethought with boost 2.0


This is what puzzles me.

We get a boosts reset and change of use because ‘ Ludia has been listening to the players’.

Yet here we are, the same players that they have supposedly been listening to, seeing the distinct possibility of another boost for the rat!

Pretty much every other Dino with a rampage has to wait a move before being able to implement it. Look at Dilora, Magna, Tryko, Yoshi, Tryostonix, etc… yet the rat can rampage with no waiting, no warning just swap in with it. Quite simply the most ridiculous and ill thought out idea ever , and by far the biggest issue with the players since it’s inception.

So now we have a boosts change, maximum use at level 30 of 30 boosts, with top level on each of 20. Everyone will simply get the rat to level 30 ( hardly difficult ) and max it’s damage while adding 10 to its health and very few dinos will be able to one shot it any more unless they are at level 30 too.

So IF Ludia really are listening to the players, nerf the rat. Give it a maximum 1.5 swap in damage and no regen for 2 moves. If they don’t we will be right back where we were pre 1.9 and be over run with rats again.


If my understanding (and math) is correct, a 10 tier DC in the new system will have a health of 4557 - easily one shot by many - especially if they are boosted too. Max boosted DC will do 4448 swap in damage, but how many boosts will it take to get it there, and will anyone really do that? AND, it will have a super slow speed.

I fear NO DC. Not now, not in the future.


Just give Dracocera the moveset of Stigymoloch without the swap in attack. Have it keep on squeaking out shields as attacks.

It will take less then 20 weeks of play to max a fresh 30 dc on an account that has never earned a boost before

Be less then that for everyone else and could possibly be obtained the day the reset happens for some… boosts 2.0 are much faster to obtain as far as maxing one dino goes.

Dracocera is an evolutionary dead end … just let it die


While Im no fan ob the way dracocera is gonna function in boost 2.0… but im also a little wary about asking for a nerf… dracocera keeps speedsters and to a lesser extent speed and damage/speed focus chompers in check.

Without dracocera im little concerned seeing a revert to a more speed based meta… most of the top tier tanks are currently pretty difficult to level… and with levels directly tied to the amount of boosts one can have. It meand the path of least resistance would be a speed and damage focus team with draco thats a bad idea…without him it becomes a pretty strong plan.