New "boost"

Lock Release.

With lock release armed your swap in dinos will not be locked down at all! How is this fair you ask? It’s not, but if people will buy, Ludia will sell!!

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I know critical and armor boosts are coming soon enough. They’re in the game files.

This isn’t good though. For speed the answer was always more speed, for attack there’s always more HP, for HP there’s always more attack. But what the heck will defend from a 100% armor+shield breaking crit since there won’t be enough HP boost to counter it?

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Seriously?? :fearful::fearful:


Thor with 90 crit and 40 armour


Just because they are in the files doesn’t mean they will actually come to light. There is a possibility, but hopefully they remain buried for good!

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True. But what about guaranteed incubators? Those epic incubators you get for boss strikes are in the files. Smilodon was one of them. Pteranodon, baryonyx, and pyroraptor are the only epic guaranteed incs we haven’t got in boss strikes

“Shield Steal: Steal opponent’s shields for two turns.”

“RNG Vectoring: Opponent has all RNG weighted 90:10 against for next three battles.”

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Shield advantage is almost that. But doesn’t necessarily require the opponent to have a shield up.

That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Got my chaise lounge, cooler and sleeping bag camped right here in front of the store waiting on them bad boys.

Ahhh… Ya think they will take a third party, out of state personal check? It’s good… I can vouch for it!