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New boosts implementation honest opinion

Hi, sad to say, the new implementation of the boosts didn’t go quite well… we already understood how the new system works, but failed to notice that each boost cost 100 coins. And since I was trying to boost one of my better Dinos, I failed to notice that I only have so little boosts to work with and ended up using almost all of it on one Dino. And trying to get them back costs half of what I’ve had. I don’t think the new system really works better than the previous one. It just made it worse. On positive note, I do like the level cap for the boosts. I think that one feature alone balances out the problem before of having a lower level Dino destroy a higher one coz of its crazy boosts


Level caps are fine really its everything else, the reduced effect and high costs


Boosts 2.0 have been implemented exactly how the devs said they would be.

Since all players underwent the exact same change, a teams general strength remains the same.

Yes you will NOT be able to get your dinosaurs stats to where they were before…but neither will your opponents!


You just admitted to it being a nerd. An argument that “your opponents cant get dinosaur back neither” isn’t supporting that this was a huge nerf.

Maybe your opponents didn’t invest into boosts like you so it didn’t hurt them as much. Your dinosaur stars are still worse the value of boosts still deappreciated.


Doesn’t matter how or where someone invests, it matter not when balancing a game. All that matters is fairness.

All boost are bad for balance. Doesn’t matter how you slice it. They were an awful greedy cash grab.


And this patch was fair how?

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Exactly boosts should of never been implemented but they were. They sold a product and swapped it out. Bait and switch


100% agree I wish they were never added, when patch 1.7 launched it literally invalidated a years worth of grinding when players with base level but high boosted uniques were one shotting dinosaurs higher level and a lot more time put into.

The new system helps take down the OP monster dinosaurs a bit, but will still be inferior to when boosts didnt exist. However the new system will add an extra layer of strategy due to it being a build type system.


Because the it stops players being able to make dinosaurs like Thor super fast AND hard hitting AND tanky. Now they have to sacrifice something if they wanna go down one route. Sure those Thoprs can be made fast, but their health and damage is gunna be gutted and thus easier to take down.


Doesnt make it fair. Ludia didn’t have to nerf boosts that much to balance game. Ludia also shouldn’t of sold boosts the day before announcing this. There can be plenty of arguments why something is unfair. However if Ludia says here’s boosts if you want to buy them, and players choose not but complain its unfair others are. That’s not unfair, buy the boosts. Boosts didn’t get nerfed they are trash. Basically you’d been better off not investing in boosts. But people paid Ludia money, those players if they are smart won’t invest in Ludia. Some arguments for how this new patch is fair is based purely on “it benefits me and I like it”

Could of easily done this without nerfing boosts so hard. Let me ask this by the way since we are on fairness. Why didn’t all players have the opportunity to boost their Thors this way (if they had thor of course)?

Answer is they could of … how is that not fair?

How exactly do you keep the arena balanced if players are able to keep their crazy boosted dinosaurs? thats what made it unbalanced in the first place…Thors were known for being able to win a match in 3 moves (ive done it myself a couple times), including a match when the player done NO damage (they used cloak, evasion and ready to crush, my Thor crit and one shotted each dinosaur.

Boosts were too strong, this new system is a correctly to that.

But yes it was crappy Ludia selling massive boost sale before the change…they are known to do bad things like this, I made an entire puppet show series showing all the stuff they do.

But yeah you cant take away the monster dinosaurs breaking arena balance and keep your own monster dinosaurs. Thats not how balancing works, changes must affect everyone equally.


The answer to OP Thors wasn’t to make more OP Thors, thats a vicious cycle, you get rid of whats CAUSING the monster Thors (and others) which were boosts being too strong.

But I can see why players would feel rorted (I was a spender myself).

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The key words here are “failed to notice”… That was pretty clear in the in-game warnings and numbers, you should pay attention next time. The problem isn’t the system, but how people are being reckless when spending boosts… But it’s not the end of the world if you did what you wanted with your creature. The worst thing is to boost wrongly, like many are doing with Thor’s speed. I’d advise you to not take back what you spent (again, if that’s what you really wanted for the dino) and just keep boosting others from now on… Might be a long road, but I think it’s worth it… At least more than taking boosts back.


Not to mention that dinosaur he used all his boosts on is going to be really strong given the new stats, so thats an advantage for him/her right there.

You’re talking to a brick wall here. I don’t think it would be wise to try and convince them anymore.

Lots of people have tunnel vision and can’t see the bigger picture right now.

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I actually cant believe im defending a Lydia change lol, maybe the puppets can mock myself in an episode hahaha!

Anyway thought it was worth a try to show that the bigger picture means a great arena for everyone, which means a fun game!

Anything that can prevent players who once loved the game from quitting, like what happened to myself.

Those who don’t learn from history a doomed to repeat it!


Not everyone is having fun in arena…

…and if you read the forums you can see that there are a lot of people who loved the game and are thinking about quitting due to the changes.