New boosts

I love speculating about new things they could add to the game that would be fun and might add a different strategic element.

Setting aside that anything like this would expose more pay to win potential, i was thinking about what new boosts might be fun. I came up with:

Armor - each boost adds 2% armour.
Resistance - each boost adds 2% general resistance to all conditions
Critical Hit - Each bost increases the chance of a critical hit by 2%
Critical Damage - Each boost increases the damage done by a critical hit by 2%.

There are more wacky ones they could do like: Priority - each boost provides a 2% chance that a move becomes a priority move (max 40%). But thats probably too RNG to be fun in the long run.

If you could add a boost alongside Health, Damage, and Speed, what would it be?

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These would just break the game more and would not be fun for anyone for very long. This topic has been debated and debunked a lot, and I’m fairly certain that most would agree that it just hurts the game more. This would cause massive unbalance even more so than what Jam City is already doing. So imma say no, I hope this never get added, because it would wreck this game.


I’m sorry, but this isn’t a great idea. I’ve thought about this too myself but it would ultimately break the game even more. Perhaps to the point of no return.


I disagree - why should it? It would add more flexibility and opportunity to customise your own dinos.
It wouldnt increase the total boosts beyond 30, so you would just need to make a call abour what you want and how you want to play.

It might actually make some dinos playable where they arent really viable at the moment. And that can be nothing but a good thing.

  1. I didnt know that.
  2. I disargee, i have no idea why it would break the game as you claim. All it would do is provide more options for players. And unless they let you get more than up to 30 boosts then it would mean players need tomake more intelligent choices and trade offs. And it might make some dinos playable where they arent really viable now

But hey, thanks for dumping on my idea. No point in being on the forums at all if y’all know everything already.

Ok so basically, as you indirectly stated, this would be milked by Ludia for profit. There’s 0 chance of them not doing just that. Not only would this mean top players would remain having an unfair advantage, but it could make broken things even more broken (30% crit chance albertocevia? Cevia with 20% armor?). It’s only a recipe for disaster.

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Oh wow another crit and armour boost thread

I just have a few words to say: Level 30 boosted Thoradolosaurs with 100% crit chance and 60% armour

But Ludia could break the game at any point jkst to make more money. How they implemernt changes is not the same as discussing whether changes would be good or bad.
There are broken dinos like Cevia, but that doesnt mean any possible change isediarely bad because cevia is already broken.

Just my view

This conversation is no longer fun thiugh.

That wouldnt be possie on my suggestion. But cheers for the negativity when i 100% clearly didnt know this was a done convo.

Is Jam city the reason so much damage by pay to win ?

But rexy could be far far worse

I like the concept but it would turn everything into a wildcard

Here’s another idea.
How about paying 1$ just to login & play the game?


No no and no.

Maybe you could win them bye winning a pvp raid battle,new boosts and you can become a raid boss

Discussing means Pro and Con.
You if you start a discussion you should bare in mind not everyone will agree. Wouldn’t be much of a discussion then😉

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Hard pass.

No it wouldn’t. It would just make broken Dino’s more broken. I mean just look at that resistance one. It’s 2% to EVERYTHING with one boost. No thanks. That’s already broken as heck. And then you add in the others and yeah no all it would do is destroy this game. Someone already did the math and when it comes to Armored Creatures, Armor Boosts at 2% outclasses HP, so there would be not point to run HP on something like Skoona or Anky Lux and just throw it all or mostly into armor. Then you have Crit Increase and Crit Damage increase. Just no. 1: That’s even more unnecessary RNG and 2: You do see how broken that can be correct? That’s absolutely nuts. So no it wouldn’t give more flexibility. It would just kill the game.

If it had been introduced at the same time as the other boosts, that could have been a possibility, but it is way too late into the game to introduce this. With 100% armor and 100% critical hit chance, it would become a mental calculus battle that could be fun for some.

No way
This would just remove even more individuality from different dinosaurs