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New boss apex Refantrem!

Any ideas on how to counter it and defeat it?
Stats: Health 25069 (like the 69 in the end) Round HP 75209
Attack 2339
Speed 125
Armour 0%
Crit chance 10%
Moveset: Group distracting strike (distract 75%!)
Cunning impact (normal effects).
Alert counter distraction.
Immunities: stun 90% rend 80% distract 90% dot 85% crit reduction 100% vurnerable 50%

So give me your ideas on this new boss and Good luck everyone!

I’ve done this one three times now with different groups and it worked perfectly. Good job to those who created and tested it!


Thanks for the Share!

The strat we use is similar but with a lvl 21 base dio instead of maxi. Worked like a charm!

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Watch this, it is a great strat for lower levels

Just beat it! Probably harder than hadros and cera as it’s easy to mess up, but definitely easier than trebax.


one of the strats to carry a low level player.