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New Boss Missions Make No Sense

Within 24 hours how would one finish 25 Daily Objectives… :eyes:

To add, most of the current missions are more a hinder to progress : hatch 3 Aquatics, fuse two Caves, fuse two Legendary creatures, etc.

Of course since we won’t be having the unlimited supply of Legendaries we will need to hatch them, and for that we need the hatchery clear then again there’s a hatch 3 Aquatic mission which is not only illogical but contradictory to the other missions.

Now there MIGHT have been a solution, hatching three legendary aquatics. Then there’s the Hatch 3 Super Rare Creatures mission. So it’s either time travel or goodbye, Dino Bucks.

The use 40 Amphibians mission was bad enough in the three days slot but now in 24 hours…

@Keith @Davy could you guys look into this? Some of the objectives on here make no sense. Never thought I would say this but the old ones were better.


You don’t have to complete these in 24 hours

They are there forever

Look closely at the image.


Oh you are not on the Juggernaut one

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Then Ludia, this is impossible


10 Boss DNA


Because it was Friday, I did finish the use 40 Carnivores and 40 amphibian missions. If it wasn’t during the tournament (especially Friday or Saturday), there’s no way I would have gotten them done.

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I got down to the three in the pic I posted in the other boss thread.

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As someone said, it might be part of the Cheaters Protocol.


:open_mouth:that’s really smart

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and for (juggernaut) it’s mission impossible!

Not really, you have literally forever to do it

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I mean, ther isn’t a time limit

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minimum 65 million years …

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I was about to post the same thing…

seriously Ludia? I’m sure you’ll fix it!


so guys … get ready to have (juggernaut) in 65 million years …

As far as the daily missions go… Will Ludia fix this? I cannot complete 25 daily objectives in 24 hours when I get 9.


I am sure they intended to give 3 days for the bdna challenge like before the update. but they dropped the ball on this one and the clock is set to 24hr. I don’t have the 25 daily challenges, but I’do have to open 20 packs. The ocd in me wants to finish the bdna challenge. I did it yesterday, i could do it today, but its not sustainable.

Although the ability to get that much bdna every 24 hours is not too bad either.


I agree, but even then I think these current missions are a little way too much, of course if they want to actually keep these missions. Even if it was three days like earlier, I definitely am in the opinion that for a handful of B-DNA we would be wasting precious resources.

Like mentioned earlier, some missions are a hinder to our progress. Hatch three Super Rares and Fuse 2 Legendaries… fuse 2 Caves. That means DNA expenditure on those because we will not have an unlimited supply of Aquatics/Legendaries to keep fusing and hatching.

Tournament Creatures and some Hybrids take seven days to hatch. For those that are working towards maxing some creatures like that, improving their Lineups, or anything of that sort, they would either have to ignore those few Boss missions totally or spend a large quantity of Dino Bucks, I will risk adding ‘unnecessarily’ in this.

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