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New Boss Rewards?

Just a quick post to know if there has been a rework with the boss rewards.

I’m talking about these fights we have once or twice a day (30DB). Can’t tell you the exact name, as my game is in French.

Anyway, I do these fights everyday (just so my Omega 9 isn’t completely useless.) and I clear all leagues, which gives me the best reward. Yes, food and coins ! :unamused:

But today, there was no food or coins on the prize wheel. In fact, the prizes were pretty decent (Extra rare creature, DB, Loyalty Points, etc).

Did you notice the same ?

If it is in fact an actual rework of the rewards, then nice job Ludia, me and other players - I’m sure - will greatly appreciate.

Looking at the prize options for the top wheel in every fight and they all have food and coins as prizes, so not sure what you’re talking about. I’m pretty sure I got the most recent update.

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Yes, this looks very familiar to me.

When you say every fight, it’s all three ?

Because I’m pretty confident that when the wheel was spinning, coins and food were missing. Maybe I blinked my eyes to fast :thinking:

Anyway, I’ll see tomorrow when this fight is available for me to play. If there happens to be no change at all, I’ll delete this post just not to flood.

Thanks for your contribution :+1:

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It would be nice to get to Doom League, the problem is that I always lose when I miss 4 dinosaurs!

What level is your boss at ?

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Level 28 done yesterday!

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The images being present or absent in the prize wheel don’t really matter. What matters are the percentages when you click on the rewards.

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Hmmm yeah I think it’s really challenging for your right now. I pushed my Omega to level 36. I beat all the dinos, but it’s still very long and boring to do. And when you spend 30DB and twenty minutes to finish and get coins…That’s infuriating, to say the least !

That’s where comes my surprise and why I created this post…Because the wheel had only extra rare, DB, and loyalty points. I think today was the first day I got something else other than food and coins.

For example, I keep finding useless food and coin packs!

I’ll take the Omega to 31, then I’ll stop and create the Juggernaut!

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Yes, and that’s a topic we’ve been discussing lately on another thread (odds and rewards, I guess it was on “vent your frustration”).

But you’ll agree with me if I say that Coins and Food missing from the wheel equals to zero probability of getting them. Right ?

So, for now, no one else had something similar today ? Maybe I was just distracted.

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So should they take the coins and food off the Boss Reward Wheel ??
Completely agree!

20% chance of each in Doom League

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Looking at each packs contents, they all have food and coins. I know what you’re saying, but it just means you don’t see any food or coins so far. There’s no telling how big that wheel is and they might be further down than what you got to. All in all it doesn’t make any difference because your prize is predetermined like was mentioned earlier.


Sorry for this late reply,

You are right, this is the logical explanation. I’ve been blinded by my naive desire to get rid of these infamous rewards.

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