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New boss suggestions

so the bosses are getting stale now except for mortem rex. So I have made this thread for boss suggestions! here is my one:

LION KING (thyla/marsupial lion boss)
hp: 4500 (85000 for boss)
dmg: 1500 (2300 for boss)
spd: 130 (148 for boss)
def: 0%
crit: 90%

group minor rending strike
maiming wound
group rending takedown
precise pounce

100% decel resistance
100% distract resistance
100% dot resistance ( boss only)
100% rend resistance ( boss only)
greater rending counter

lvl 30 tuoramoloch 5/15/10
lvl 30 maxima 8/20/2

So tough minions

That is basically unbeatable, especially with minions


ehm… immune to distraction and the minions make it unbeatable


The minions are pretty OP and the boss has 100% distract resistance?? No other has had that b4. Too mitigate the rend & bleed you can use erlidom maybe. I just don’t know what you would do about the minions your team would have to be immensely tanky to survive the max rampage + crazy boss move unless you could somehow Kill a level 30 max going at insane speed thanks to Toura before it attacks.


Dealing with the boss is one thing, but if the small dinos survive too long, you’re usually doomed. And you would like us to deal with a Maxima with 8751 health while it’s dishing 4740 damage to your whole team (and slowing it on first move), who could probably even be healed by Tuo, while you have to deal with a boss with two group moves and bleeding… Let me guess, we would have to use 3 healers, and hope that your fourth dino survive, and maybe winning it in 20 turns?

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This is the literal definition of op. Is this a joke?

Besides, not only will it take you 20 weeks, it’s not even worth it. The thing itself is terrible in arenas

You must have missed some his funky stats? 130 speed which cannot be slowed, 90%crit and two rending moves plus bleeding? I would dream to own this in arena!!

And a greater rending counter along with massive damage and health this thing would kill anything.

True, I think this thing would eat Mortem for breakfast, and likely have the rest of the team for desert! :slight_smile: