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New boss update reset old boss mission data

I previously had 40/50 Amphibians used. Then I did a few modded battles and when I was sure I used the remaining 10 I came to look at the missions and it had been reset. Now it stands at 10/50. Anyone else facing the same issue? I have raised a support ticket to Ludia as well mentioning my situation

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Same thing happened to me

The same thing happens to me, I had 40/50 in amphibians and pterosaurs and today with the arrival of the missions of the new boss, I was restored to 0/50 :roll_eyes:

Turn in a ticket to Support, remember to include your Support Key

@Carnorapter, @L_J, @Frozentank


Notified our team as well! If you haven’t already, please write in at with your support key.



Well :poop:…

Reset as well, it reset them to a lower amount needed in total but since I think I only had ten left of each it’s a high likelihood I will not make it, or I will need to do a long PvP run tonight.

Happened to me also. But with the hatch 30 dinos one. And had my last 2 going to hatch right about now. Got reset to needing to hatch 20 more… :scream: Sent ticket to support.

27 battles needed to use all of the necessary creatures, minimum investment will be 135 DB if I do non-MOD PvP or 270 DB plus MODs to do MOD PvP. This would also means 80 plus MODs to be gathered… so about 1hour 45 minutes of play time if I do MOD and maybe 1 hour 15 minutes if I do non-MOD.

Decisions… need to be made.

I had completed all of mine before the update so mine were already gone

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Almost 100 mil coins gets you this for MODs when using the common spins:

Just over 40 MODs so going to be well over 200 mil if I go full MOD route.

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God I despise the distraction mod, makes the match unnecessarily longer than they already have to be. I try to avoid the spins with distraction mod in them lol