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New boss update

  1. Which Boss do you want to see next available?

  2. Boss creatures must be available for PVP Battles and Tournaments.

Please let know your opinion.

My opinion:

  1. Salamander 16
  2. Yes!!

If you open up the Boss to other non-Boss events, that would mean you could face them as opponents. Additionally, Ferocity based events (Infinity Battles, Fight for Fund, Saturday Mod Events, Stakeholders’s Visit) would now be influenced by the Boss(es). A level 40 Omega has a Ferocity comparable to a level 30 Indoraptor. Very few lineups can safely support a creature that high.


True Andy, I was thinking the same thing the other day. People are asking for bosses to be payable in other PVEs with our regular dinos, but that would cause a massive disrupt in most people’s lineups.