New Boss

Draco Kaiju
It’s 2x larger than the biggest dinosaur in the game. Animations: Spinosaurus

Uh… I feel like that’s to OP


Nerf that thing to the ground,

Plus, logic states that the larger you are, the slower (Ceramagnus being the exception because it has speed increase, same with maxima)


Ye I agree the way you said nerf that thing to the ground made me chuckle

There should not be a priority move with 0 cooldown that can one shot almost anything in the game

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It’s supposed to be OP because it’s the King of the Spinosaurs


it outspeeds velociraptor

and secondly it should not have more hp then SAUROPODS

It outpowers mortem in attack

Also a kaiju will never happen in jwa


that doesn’t mean it should be larger then sauropods and have more attack then the trex king

Well yeah it will but it’s the Spino King

well if you wanted to make it larger than sauropods it would have to be pretty slow :moyai:

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Is it the raid stats or the actual creature because if it’s the unlockable version it’s busted

The closest thing we’ll ever have is Kaijutitan

I might make those the Raid Stats

To the op, Kaiju.Should be a mega spin something like that.