New bosss

Laidies and gentlemen, this creature is the biggest, toughest and the boss that will make you suffer… TITANODEXUS (the biggest creature in the game)

More ideas for UPDATE 2.4:


The TERATOSLENKEN was not my idea, The idea was of Spino2318

Rework proposals for update 2.4:



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do u mind if i just copy this dinosaur on jwa toolbox?

ok but dont stay with the credit

if there are things on Capital letters is bicause I made an error and clicked the bloq mayus, sorry for the inconvenience

oh, thats ok.

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Ok. Here are my thoughts.

Brachionyx: Should be Legendary rarity. That damage and health together is too much, maybe 5600 health and 1250 damage? Change Devestation to Defense Shattering Rampage. Also the Counter is a bit odd, maybe either lower it to something worse, like Medium at best, or remove it, and buff Damage to 1400. Resistances that need changing are Distraction to 0, Rend to 0, Crit to either 100% or 0, Bleed Resistance to 25% at most.

Compy: Too much health, attack, and speed. Max Base Speed is 132, so maybe that? Lower Health to maybe 3700, and damage to 1500.

Teratoslenken: Due to its Damage, I would say Ferocious impact changes to ferocious strike. Switch the Distraction and Speed Decrease Resistances.

Brachi Gen 2: Remove Rend and Distraction Resistance.

Tryo: Keep in game Stats, but maybe Group Refresh?

Brachi, Lythronax, and Geminititan need no reworks. Brachi and Geminititan would become almost useless in raids, and Lythronax is King of Common Shields, allowing it to counter attack many times before going down, if the opponent can’t break shields.

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thanks for your coments, I am working on it

maybe I will make another post with the changes

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and also, yes, gryleneken needs a hybrid ASAP!! Good idea about the apex!!


No problem

I would think the jp3 creatosaurus would be an epic. Thats what I want in this game


thats the ceratosaurus of this post

the compy mabe will stay like that because is not only one, they are a crew of ten compys but of the speed i will change it to 133 ok?

here are all my boss plans

I mean it might work, but still base speed is 132. Now can that change? Likely, but don’t get hopes up if this gets added.

i think beta rhino needs definite rampage.

i have my own idea, meet new boss, pleceri ancei!!! its moves are, taunting vulner, group decel rampage, defenite rampage and an ability i thought on my own, healing buff. healing buff stats, 100.0% chance to Heal 2X. 100.0% chance to Increase damage by 50.0% for 2 turns.

minions: plecerias (the creature it was inspired from) and deidecurus!

plecerias stats: group sheilding strike, group decel rampage and lesser group heal.
deodicurus stats: the same as trebaxas deodicurus stats…

Hope you guys like my new boss!!!