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New bracket tournaments are absolutely awful for anyone over level 50


Please make brackets go away again. What was wrong with the old system? Fights didn’t get tough till last day in dominator and predator leagues. I just started playing 2 months ago im level 52 and it was totally fair in my opinion. Now you can’t even win enough fights to get to survivor league (where the prize isn’t even worth playing) because all the opponents (most are obviously bots now you can’t split your tournamnet population into three and still maintain the same number of players as the old tournament) these bots have 3k life and 1k attack same fights I saw in old dominator league only now I have to get my butt kicked right away and get no rewards. Please reverse theses changes if it stays like this I can see alot of people in my situation giving up.


I agree they should change it back

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Sadly it looks like the game is just going to die a slow death and nothing is going to get fixed or even addressed. Looks ike they are concentrating all their resources on Jurassic World: Alive now. I’ve yet to get even a positive or negative response on this from any community leader still reading the forums. :frowning:


Hey djvam, rest assured that we’re still with you! Your feedback for the game is invaluable to us, and if you have any more suggestions or feedback, post them here or reach out to our team directly at with your support key and ideas.

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The claim that cheaters are being delt with is not true. Cheaters are running rampant. It’s to the point were it’s not possible to do epic race or regular battle arenas because they are running dinosaurs that are level 25 to 30. The highest I have is 16. I am a rural player so we see much. Because of that I am only at level 10.


Hello Ned thank you for the reply! Any idea if they are considering reverting the changes made to tournaments by the bracket system at all given the recent feedback on it?


@MrWhitney61 How are you identifying cheaters? I’m confused.

What’s cracks me up are the robotic opponents that sometimes have levels way beyond 40 with ridiculous health and attack numbers. There are actual hybrids that could be used instead that would make the opposition more realistic :slight_smile: