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New Brawl Dragon Ideas, Opinions (Fan-Made)

Brawl hasn’t been updated in a very long time (almost 2 years) and after getting all the dragons it starts to get a little boring so I thought why not update Brawl with a few new moves and 10 more dragons with brawl moves. 1 will be a champion unlocked in Arena 8, as one of four dragons in the arena. Arena 7 will be updated to have eight dragons instead of the current two. Others are already in game and can be updated for Brawl. I hope ludia considers these ideas.

First off, new moves-
Hurricane Spew- Increase attack of all allies by 45%, increase self speed and target one opponent
Hot Bubbles- Remove negative effects from all allies, target all opponents (AOE) decreasing their speed

Arena 8 will be added to give some new dragons, Arena 7 will be updated with dragons and the runes arenas will be delayed by one arena adding one more arena. Additionally Arena 7’s background will be changed to Edge Cove. Arena 8 and beyond will have Arena 7’s current background. Also, arena 8 dragons will only be Elite, Heroic or Champion. Elite start at Grade 10, Heroic Grade 11 and Champion Grade 12.

New Brawl Dragons (10) (2 rookie, 2 elite, 5 heroic, 1 champion)
Scauldron (Rookie) - Furious, Arena 7 (Blast, Intimidate, Water Blast)
Defender Scauldron (Elite) - Protector, Arena 8 (Blast, Reviver, Hot Bubbles)
Brute Skrill (Elite) - Cunning, Arena 7 (Bite Back, Shatter, Strike Down)
Snow Wraith (Rookie) - Swift, Arena 7 (Bite Back, Ransack, Swift Support)
Gothi’s Frostfright (Heroic) Cunning, Arena 8 (Bite Back, Shatter, Blizzard)
Scauldy (Heroic) Furious, Arena 7 (Blast, Furious Support (increase attack), Hot Bubbles)
Thornado (Heroic) Protector, Arena 7 (Bite Back, Taunt, Hurricane Spew)
Shattermaster (Heroic) Cunning, Arena 7 (Tail Sweep, Shatter, Momentum)
Grump (Heroic) Protector, Arena 8 (Epic Tail Sweep, Barricade, Reflect)
Champion Slitherwing (Champion) Cunning, Arena 8 (Heroic Charge, Poison, Bad Breath)

Comment for opinions or more brawl dragon ideas!

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I think a cool one would be the fireworm queen, 1 “blast” or “flame thrower” deals damage to a rival dragon. 2 “queens sting” increases attack strenght and restores health to all furious tipe dragons 3 “swarm” deal damage to all rival dragons. The animation for swarm could be her calling millions of fireworm that heat up and cover the opponent

For “queens sting” i haven’t decided the percents

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But I think that their plan is to give every champion a special and unique third ability every time,because if you check they all have a unique ability and sometimes more than one


What about Toxic Tremble? The move does, (target all opponents reducing thier damage by 50%, increase cunning allies attack by 45% for next attack) energy needed 5

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Slitherwing have got toxic skin so an ability could be (when attacked deal damage to opponent)
Its like reflect but your dragon does take damage

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