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New bug discovered!


It looks like I found him, zabuza momochi the hidden gas demon


Hey bonnie_wed_player_An, could you try restarting your game and see if the “mist” disappears?

If you’re still having issues after restarting, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key and device information. :smiley:

really when I restart the game some bugs disappear, try to fix this in future updates

This happened to me before. When you click on the dinosaur, it becomes clear around the dinosaur but when you click out, it becomes foggy again. It eventually disappears.

I think it’s kinda cool. Maybe this will inspire you guys to add some weather features like fog, rain, wind, lightning, ect


Please don’t add any more features without first fixing the existing problems.

The standard response for every bug is to restart the game.

Chat works when you restart the game, then when you go hunting and go back to it it’s broken.

Same with everything else like everything disappearing from the map, restart and it’s ok again.

So is it the game?
The servers?
Our devices?

Will we ever know…


Don’t worry They’ll probably fix it… take probably with a grain of salt. Cause we still have these bugs happening


Even tho that shot is awesome

Welp. Guess we better call Kakashi.


With these super rare bugs that are often caused by unforseen hickups, memory leaks, OS bugs or hardware errors then a restart is the best course of action. Nothing is 100% stable. Or have you forgotten windows 95? :slight_smile:
Can’t really compare it to the chat bugs that everyone has since day one and have only been partly acknowledged since the last patch notes. That is just sheer unwillingness or incompetence. Either. Pick one to your liking.

There’s something in the mist

When I play a game on a computer, a console, a phone or a tablet the least I expect is that it runs relatively smoothly on the device.

It simply isn’t the case with this game as I have played it on a Samsung s10+, a huweii p30, a Samsung s8, and an s9, and 2 iPad Pro’s. All devices have run with 4g and full fibre broadband at over 100 mbps download speed with a ping of 12.

Unsurprisingly no other mobile game suffers the problems that JWA has. The chat works, the map is stable, updates fix the minor issues every time.

I do remember windows95, many years ago. I remember entering codes as a much younger man into a Commodore64, and a zxSpectrum! After countless hours I would have a crappy little game to play after fixing all the errors! But we have moved on in leaps and bounds since the 80s and 90s. Which makes it all the more galling to see all these unfixed bugs with this game.

I wish I knew more about what would fix things like friendly battles, chat, and things disappearing on the map. To name but a few of the issues. But I don’t, I never had the patience way back in the day never mind 40 odd years later! But it sure would be nice to pick up the game one day and not have to reboot it every time I do anything and want to pop into chat or donate dna!

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This game has more bugs…ahem…AND more unresolved bugs than any other game I’ve played on a mobile device.

I’ve played shareware and freeware games on PC, MOST of those had fewer bugs, and those bugs were generally visual artifacts that didn’t affect gameplay. Freeware/shareware was when you were trying to make a name for yourself and break into the market. Ludia is a profitable organization with over 100 employees owned by an international company. We aren’t talking about a small group of geeks in a rented house on a shoestring budget eating Doritos and drinking Mountain Dew while encircled by network cables and servers with LITERAL bugs in the machines.

I kinda wish we were though, I feel like they’d do a better job of Beta testing.

Oh, hate that!!! both the bug and IG2

It seems it stops synchronizing and when does it, breaks the game. I’ve realized that when happens, it is the “replay” of the last battle.

Expectation vs reality :slight_smile:
But you’re right, it’s ridiculous.
However! (there’s always a but) - this is just a minor glitch that happens to only certain devices very rarely. In this particular case it’s really hard to do something about it, it’s hard to pinpoint these issues when they almost never occur. This really does happen to other games in 2020 as well.