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New bug? Dracoceratops swaps after one turn


During the last battles today I have noticed that Dracoceratops swaps out after one turn.
It swaps in with dsr.
I put my new dino in
Draco regenerate.
My turn, I do what I can…
Draco swaps out!!

In earlier battles I have put it down when I have two turns to work with it.

Personally, I don’t have any problems with its swap in dsr.
You have to defeat three dinos to win the match😀


Regeneration removes lockdown; so if it charges then regenerates its two moves lockdown but if it regenerates first its only one.

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Oh, that I didn’t know.


And edomontoguanadon has a regenerate and run move lol. It can do all in one move, and swaps to another dino

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