New bug in ad video viewing rewards

After fixing a previous ad video playback error (no reward-per-view) 4 days ago, the system still doesn’t work properly.

Now is the claim reward buton after playing the video green and working, but if the reward is Eggs, Fish, or Gold, the reward is finally not added to my resources.
If the reward is energy (exploration or alpha), the reward energy is added and can be used.
However, this bonus energy resets the time counters - for exaple:
I have 0 alpha energy and the time counter shows that I will get next energy bolt in 10 minutes, I look at the ad video and get 1 alpha energy bolt. I play the alpha battle with this lightning and after this battle the time counter for the next bolt shows 4 hours and not 10 minutes

We are three players from one family and we all observe this behavior of the game


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Thanks for reporting this to us, Pehta. Could I ask you to email your support key over to our team here at Once our team receives your information, they’ll be able to better assist you. Thanks!


Hi Ned,

all three of us have contacted support with the necessary information about this bug now.

Have a nice day