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New Bug in Cloudjumper Event

I tried the free re-start of the event quests, since I can only win 4-5 of them like normal, passed the first level okay, then the game wouldn’t point on the second level quest like normal, but on the third instead. Now, and because I don’t feel like cheating, I did not try to play another level (because I would have jumped one due to the glitch), restarted my phone but there was no change and proceeded to the other aspects of the game (regular quests) that were functioning normally. Please, can you fix the glitch on the Cloudjumper event so I can play the second, third and fourth quest levels? Time is running out. (I waited a few hours just in case it gets auto-fixed but it seems you might not be aware of the problem, and it might just be for me, I don’t know. Anyways, I thought I should let you know.)

I am also aware that there was some big glitch bug going on days ago, causing the event to cancel and re-launch later, as I understand it, by what I saw on other posts on the Cloudjumper event. I wasn’t logged in at the time, and I got notified normally when the actual event (or the re-launch) happened, and it had been working perfectly so far. Well, perfectly is a stretch. It seems 5th level can’t be passed even though my best battle team has has 550 points superior what is needed.

You didn’t do anything after all… I logged in at noon to find that nothing had changed… But because a lot of hours passed, I could pay with runes for a restart (which I previously couldn’t afford), and it did work properly for the 3 first level quests… On the fourth… On the fourth it didn’t recognize I passed it, and sort of made me compete again (another glitch, and I didn’t realize until the time I had exited the quest by failing it) but at least I failed so it doesn’t count. It is strange that I failed a quest I should be able to pass though. But what I understood is that it did enter quest level 5 as it was supposed to when I passed quest level 4, the dragons seemed to be arranged for quest level 5, but when I failed the quest it showed the wrong quest level and the pointer went to the previous level, which it then asked (pointed) for me to repeat- and I didn’t. I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it so I quit the event (I mean I quit trying to play it and went about on other things to be done), and since the event is close to over, well, it doesn’t matter. But it shouldn’t have such glitches.

Hey Featherwing, I’m sorry to hear that you were having these issues during the event and I can understand the frustration. However, our team would still be glad to take a closer look at this and investigate further so they can reduce issues like these for future events. If you have any more details, please do not hesitate to contact our support team here at with your support key. Thanks!

I will, thank you.