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New bug in PvP

If you use Dominate on opponent and he is the only one alive in the party the game freezes and you have to restart it.

Damn, i came on the forums just now to find out the hard way. I did the same exact thing and wanted to post what I witnessed.

Hey HuKo and sigma88, could you email your support key and device information over to our team at so they can take a closer look and investigate? Thanks!

Looks like they fixed the Dominate bug, but now there’s another:
If the last enemy opponent in PvP does from Farideh’s reflect damage the game freezes.

I’ve had the same happen to me

Thanks for reporting this, @Hmmm
If you haven’t already, could you reach out to our support team with your support key and device information so our team can investigate further? Thanks!

Didn’t see this post before I created one of my own with the same problem. Happens every time but looks like it’s only related to having a 2-turn domination.

Same here. The game froze when there was one enemy left on his second turn of being dominated.

Received an email from support they know the issue and are fixing is currently, however in the mean time we should “avoid using this ability” which is hard to do seeing as I can’t exclude the bard from my roster. So I either down grade her gear, use a freshly unlocked hero who’s far behind the rest of my party, or when she is picked for the fight, to not use her abilities just plain attack.

Or just don’t use dominate at the end of the match.

Problem is you never know when a couple AoE’s will proc before the dominated hero has their second turn, have a decent crit/hit and makes it the end of the battle. Very easy to have a team of 4 drop to 1 in just an attack or 2