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NEW BUG: Never ending loading screen

I was doing hidden forge, got to the 9th room where the boss is and suspended the game because I had to do something else.

When I went back after 10 minutes I had to reload the game. It allowed me to continue, 8 rooms completed. Pressed continue and… permanently stuck at the loading screen. Weirdly enough when the game “supposedly finishes loading” I can hear the sounds in the background such as the ‘entering a dungeon’ sound and the unit turn sound indicator. But i’m still stuck at the loading screen, the hint banner at the bottom is cycling to many other screens, etc.

I tried restarting a dozen times, even reinstalled the game. I’m stuck at this screen. Technically I can quit the dungeon challenge but I forfeit all my rewards and what’s not to say that this endless loading screen won’t happen again?

Yup same thing happened to me

Same thing here but with Heartcoil Deeps.

It has happened numerous times now. Why do we forfeit our rewards when we leave the dungeon from outside the dungeon? I paid 10 bucks vip for this? This is seriously starting to piss me off because I’m getting this at least once a day and every time i do a challenge and suspend it i run the risk of it bugging.

I have had it happen a few times. Mostly in places where I have a bad connection or if I leave game to answer a text and then try to come back. So as a solution I have stopped playing where I have bad connection and stopped answering texts until done with dungeons lol

Still no fix, not even a single confirmation from the devs…

Hey guys, I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting stuck like this! Can you reach out to our team at so that they can investigate and figure out what might be happening? We’d really appreciate it, and if you can also remember to include your support keys in the email you’d really be helping to speed things up!