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New bug report

Hello devs, I would like to ask you about this one

This bug is mainly with the guest wishes, I already finished them all, the only one left is the 3rd one of “Julie” in Adventureland
I already bought the alternative decoration, but it still asking me to buy it which is impossible
I believe the devs mistaken the “tropical hideaway” with “Bangal barbecue”

I was wondering am I the only one facing this new bug with the guest or all of the players as well?

And thank you!

Hello there,
We do apologize for the situation.
The team is aware of this particular bug concerning Julie’s Wish and is currently investigating.
In the meantime, we suggest contacting our Support team at

Please make sure to include your Support Key as well! It should be located either in the game title screen or in the in-game settings menu (gear icon located near the resource indicator.)
Thank you!

Thank you, I appreciate that