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New Bugs Concept

I’ve been playing Jurassic world the game since it came out and I love to see new additions to the game such as new tournament creatures and hybrids. I think it’s been a really long time, however, since they released a new class (land, aquatic and Cenozoic) i think it would be super cool if Ludia implemented a new insect/arachnid class with its own dome ( like what the Cenozoics have). I realize it would be a while until this came into the game do to Ludia just starting to make aquatic and Cenozoic hybrids and even more super hybrids but I think this would be a great improvement to the game especially since bugs existed in the time of the dinsoaurs and Jurassic world hasn’t really approached this.


I think a cool way to distribute the sub-groups within the class would be swamp (meganeura, arthropleura, etc.), cave (not cavern) (could include( megarachne the giant spider and crickets, and roaches and scorpions) as well as a jungle type ( giant ants, beetles, bees)


Great idea. I had the same proposal some weeks ago but the resonance in the forum was poor.

I also think a new aquatic type would be cool one that includes the first ever real prehistoric creatures such as all of the massive underwater scorpion type creatures

Great idea. In the movie, it was dino blood inside a mosquito (insect) fossil that made the park possible. So, perfectly in line with the movie script.

Just wanted to add my thumbs up for this idea, prehistoric insects would be so cool! Would really take me back to my childhood where I tortured my mom by catching insects all the time (hatching out a nest of praying mantises in the garage comes to mind in particular) and always wanting to visit the Insect Zoo at the Smithsonian so I could hold giant cockroaches and tarantulas rather than going to the regular zoo with all the cute animals (yes, I was a very odd little girl!)

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I would like to see them too but to be honest I am glad that they are gonna be virtual.