New bugs in the game

I wish I could understand what they are doing with these releases. There is now the ‘disappearing button’ bug, and this morning, after being hit with distracting impact, which is supposed to reduce damage by 50%, my Tryk countered… with ZERO DAMAGE. And then attacked. With ZERO DAMAGE. I’m not sure if this was random or if others have seen it, but that’s a bug. Period. I wish they would test things before they put them in production. I understand a few goofy things, but this is just ridiculous.

Had it already been hit with distract on a previous turn? Getting hit with another distract while already distracted will result in 0 damage as the effect is cumulative. Happens every now and again.

Nope, it was the opening volley for Tryk. I know they stack, but the stack is very rare, and it definitely didn’t apply in this case. I brought Tryk in to deal with an Erli, he swapped out to the Utah and that’s when it happened.

Hey Concart, our team would be happy to take a closer look and see why Tryko did zero damage from her counter. If you have more details of your match, could you reach out to our support team here at along with your support key? Thanks!