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New campaign bug

So I was going to do intermediate on all the courses I had unlocked, one of them required I have a cunning creature on my team so I added my Gallimimus and when I won the fight it said I didn’t complete the special objective even though I did


You need to use a single cunning as your only creature. the objective is badly worded.


Ah thanks for the info!

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That doesn’t work either as I pointed out in another post.

I tried that a few minutes ago and it worked

Deleted this one.

Just went in again, fierce 1/3 vs a nodo. Special objective: have 1 cunning in your team. I selected 2, argy & mono. Won. Still says I haven’t done it!! Hang on just reread that.

OK never mind. ONLY one cunning. Whoever wrote the onscreen description for that in the game needs sacking. :neutral_face:

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Wait… how do we do the fierce 1 intermediate special objective? I’m still puzzled… what did everyone use?

1 creature. use a cunning. try compy

Oh… so just use ONE creature which is a cunning and the special objective is gotten? If this is the case… wow, this was really badly worded :confused:

Managed the first two of these easy. Struggling to find a fierce that can take out the erlik & dolphin on its own though.

I know 1 way but unless if you’re willing to sacrifice 3 SPD boosts you’ll have to find another way.

Albertosaurus did it, without boosts :blush:

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Don’t think I’ve bothered levelling up old Albert cos of him not having a hybrid. Think he’s stuck on lvl 9! Might have to move him up 3 & give it a go.

Um where are the new Dino’s with this update? No update is registering yet on my account

Yep, lvl 12 Albert did it easy. Now I’ve just got to win a 3 Dino fight taking less than 1k damage!!

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Right….use 1 cunning creature for the special objectives.

Choose your creatures (only fierce is allowed).

We’ve a few fierce cunning ones, but they don’t work. You need a cunning only….

This is just one example of a bug :sweat_smile:

How do I supposed to get this done?

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You can use whatever you want. It’s only a reccomendation.


Did it 2 times already with rexy and blue. Doesnt work

@Qiew that’s not true. I can’t select any only cunning. So I can’t get the special objective thing done. I didn’t get the intermediate star too :woman_shrugging:t3: