New campaign bug

In the new update, there is a mission in the campaign in intermediate mode that is impossible due to the level cap, there may be more like this however this was the first one I found in, course 4 armor challenge 1, intermediate mode.

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Have exactly the same problem.


Bug Description: The special objective for the intermediate Armor mission #1 in Course 4 cannot be completed at all. This special objective says: “Have at least 1 Common creature level 15 or higher on your team.” However, the mission caps all creatures at level 14, so it is literally NOT possible to complete the special objective. There is no possible way to get the star for chapter completion as a result.

Area is was found in: Campaign mode, course 4, Armor section, Intermediate mission 1 (versus Echo)

How do you reproduce the bug: Attempt the mission.

What type of device are you using: Android

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) Just needs to have the level cap raised to 15 or just remove level cap.


I have another one to report. I realize people are going to say this isn’t a bug per say, but there’s no way for me to complete Course 5, #3 on Starter. The special objective is “Have Trex defeat 2 opponents with ability: Fierce Rampage”

The reason this is impossible is because Trex is one of our conglomerate’s “sanctuary starter” dinos. She’s fully leveled and max boosted to get the most SP. 10/0/20. So, no matter what I do the match goes:

  1. Rexy strikes, dead opponent
  2. Rexy rampages, dead opponent
  3. Rexy strikes, dead opponent

Basically the only way I could do this level successfully would be to deboost and a’int no way that’s gonna happen. I don’t expect any sympathy on this, as it was my choice to boost Rexy but I know for a fact there are a lot of people in the same boat, given all the epic-inclusive advantage tournaments that have taken place.

Tldr: Ludia should take into consideration that different players are going to have different creatures at different strengths and take that into consideration with the special requirements. In this example, they could have used this special objective on the intermediate side, where boosts and levels are capped.

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Did you ever get an answer? I’m still trying to beat this one myself

To complete “Take no more than 1000 damage” objective:
Order your team as follows:
Stygimoloch > Erlikogamma > Woolly Rhino

  1. Lead with Stygimoloch (opponent must lead with Bronto)- Shield Strike > Instant Charge > Impact and Run
    Autoswaps to Gamma
  2. Use Gammas Rampage to kill the next dino
  3. Use Strike &Run to autoswap Gamma to Rhino to kill the last dino

Has anyone figured out Course 14, Nullify Battle 1, starter challenge? You have to beat a kelenken without taking any damage, but it’s faster than all the creatures the game lets you use, and always starts the fight with an evasive strike. I could easily beat it with a suchotator if it started with a sidestep, but I’ve attempted the challenge over two dozen times and it has started with an evasive strike without fail. The only way to beat this, if the kelenken continues to refuse to sidestep, is to have a creature boosted to be faster and also capable of oneshotting the kelenken on its first action. I hesitate to call the challenge impossible, but it’s certainly impossible for me right now.

Has anyone done this? If so, how?

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Won’t work for me either

This one needs to be fixed!!!

Sort your Dino’s by speed. Let me use magna which I have boosted faster and was able to one shot kleken with no problem.

There is a way to do it. Sort by speed when choosing. Put one speed boost on Dino and picture. Use long protection and then nullifying rampage.

2 of the 3 dinos with cloak change to revenge cloak when one of your dinos dies, so prevent that from happening and you should be good.

Area is was found in: Campaign Course 4.1:
[Armor]: Intermediate challenge

Bug Description: The challenge is to use a common creature LV 15 or higher. However, this challenge limits the max level to 14, so this challenge cannot be completed.

Using Android.

I know this is annoying I will never be able to complete this do to the creature cap at 14

Yes the armour / level 15 bug is stiiill a thing!

Has anyone else noticed that to get the star on this trial you have to have a common creature at level 15…BUT all dinos are capped at level 14

Yes… Everyone has.

Add to the list: 11.2 (starter) The goal is:

“Use this ability 5 times: MINIMAL SPEEDUP STRIKE”

but here none of the dinos selectable even have MSS in their moveset.

You sure about that?
First slot won’t show them, you have to check on the second and third ones.
This is common for some battles. You usually have to check beyond the first slot to select the creatures you need.

Oh right, forgot about that trick. Thanks!