New campaign levels?

So when I logged on, I saw a 10 next to campaign. Tried to have a look, but it seems like you can only try them after you’ve completed the current lot (with the premium incubator). Are they new levels, or is the game just throwing numbers at me?

I had a 5 after installing 1.13 but I couldn’t find anything new. I went through all stages to verify. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t like the last update where a few were added to different chapters or whatever.

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Yes, I did the same and could not find something new either.

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The new levels after the premium incubator are from 1.12. I know this because it’s actually what made me decide to come back. I got the numbers, too, though. I had an 11. Definitely a bug of some sort, and my guess is that it probably just has something to do with how many levels you have left. After all, the circle was green just like the notification for how many daily/alliance missions you have to left to do.

I saw a 10 but figured it was a bug after a quick look.

I’m on lord lythronax and went back and beat the levels during the update for the snakes that gave you snake dna and I had a 5.

:unamused: so they added more waste of data space to the fake campaign?