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New Campaigns/Achievements

I feel like campaigns and achievements just went by the wayside. They were a fun addition to the game, but once they’re completed it’s just something to look back on and be like “oh I remember doing that 2 years ago”

Only 31 achievements? That’s far too few with as many dinosaurs and hybrids as are available. Create an achievement or achievement tier for the amount of battles won for example. Idk, just seems like something worth revisiting.


Yes, more campaign levels would be nice, having apex league or level or whatever its called would work I think, and again, I hope that if giganthopithecus is added when new campaign lvls are for apex I’m gonna be so dissapointed

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An option to replay the campaign from start but with reduced rewards would be nice. Or at least, don’t have level requirements so that players can attempt with what they have in their collection.

Fourth level of achievements
-more achievements:
-get 4 apex creatures
-5 common to level 10
-6 rare level 15
-5 epics at level 20
-get all creatures from jurassic park

-get all creatures from jurassic world

campaign: battle against the goat

battle against carnotaurus boss


If it would be nice if they could give us rewards for completing a family of dinosaurs.


only thing I can see troublesome is how the achievement would have to update if a new creature is added to the family. Like, what happens when you complete the rex family and a new rex is added? I’d still like the achievement idea just see that as troublesome

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Maybe Apex creatures for new Campaign battles? (Just spitballing. :upside_down_face:)

Only if Ludía bothers to update achievements

Or they could anticipate us from other species of dinosaur.

I agree completely I finished all the achievements in less than a year and from what I’ve heard the campaign should be updated and I think apex’s should be added to the campaign to face off against aswell

I’ve had the game for about two years now and there still is plenty for me to work towards however achievements just aren’t one of them since you complete all the achievements after a couple of months from when you first get the game and the campaign definitely needs to be updated since there are plenty of Dino’s that have been added but not to the campaign

I like the idea for a new achivement to be added into the game

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