New “Can’t Target Enemy” Bug

Hit a new “can’t target enemy” bug a few times in the past day or two. It’s usually the last enemy in a room, but suddenly nobody can target it. The only way to kill them is with a zone-wide effect. I also can’t tap and hold the enemy to pop up the info window on it.

This one is different than the last one because it only seems to affect enemy targets and nobody can target them. Even if I skip the character’s turn, the next character can’t target the enemy either. The original “can’t target” bug affected my characters, and only lasted for one round — other characters could target them once I did a skip turn.

Anyone else hit this one?

I have a couple times I had to skip 4 of my characters but that didn’t help my only option to kill enemy was to use an ability that attacks on all tiles.

I only encountered this bug in the first level of sharpstone keep when an enemy entered range of melee, since then I haven’t encountered it sense

I have been running in to this SO much lately. It’s annoying af!

It has happen in hidden forge all I been doing to gain that 1K gem event I have 100 gems to go :slight_smile:

I rolled a 20 on the event, killed the 1000 pretty fast