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New carnivore animations

Now that we got two new herbivore animations we should get new carnivore animations. And they’re probably gonna add oviraptorids and gorgonopsids

Oviraptorids :
Osoko (vip)
Chirostenotes (tournament)
Oviraptor (legendary)
Citipati (super rare)
Anzu (rare)

Gorgonopsids :
Rubidgea (vip)
Dinogorgon (tournament)
Inonstrancevia (legendary)
Gorgonops (super rare)
Arctops (rare)

Megaraptoroids :
Orkoraptor (vip)
Areosteon (tournament)
Megaraptor (legendary)
Australovenator (super rare)
Fukuiraptor (rare)

Edit : since dimetrodon and it’s relatives are placed in the carnivore category i think other permians will be placed as land dinosaurs as well

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You already wrote the same dinos in other threads. Also, of all your idea i hope Ludia takes at least one. I somehow want a fat Inostrancevia in my park :smile:

Yep i know. And yes if they add inonstrancevia it should be massive like in dinosaur revolution

If they add Ino, they will take it from JWA