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New Carnivore Hibrid and Tournament

What do you think of a Spinotasuchus Gen 2? It would be a hybrid of Spinosaurus Gen 2 and Kaprosuchus 2. In fact, they could have a tournament of the two.

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I honestly expect them to add Baryonyx Gen 2 so we can fuse it with Spino Gen 2 and get Spinonyx


I’d say no. We need other classes added, not more G2 Carnivores.

Doubtful. With the 2 games being on different rarity systems, I don’t think they’ll make G2s for VIP dinos.


How many more carnivores… how many more Gen 2s?

EDIT : @OstaposaurusBae, you beat me to it.

tenor (10)


That’s better


@Jurassic_Fury @OstaposaurusBae you beat me to it!


Or they could add a Utahraptor Gen 2 and a Kaprosuchus Gen 2 S-DNA

If it ever happens… I’m ready😎


Wouldn’t it be easier to use the normal Kapro S-DNA just like both Indoraptors?

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Pteranodon Gen 1 is legendary pteranodon gen2 tournament legendary and dilophosaurus is rare and gen2 is legendary and baryonyx VIP and gen2 is tournament legendary and you are not head in Ludia office because JWTG and JWA is brother sister game they are choosing the hybrids like same 2 games not you.

Which proves my point.

They ALL have Gen 2s that are rarity(s) above their base version.

Baryonyx is VIP, so the Gen 2 would need to be downgraded to Tournament Legendary.

As for both games sharing Dinos, yes, but I seriously doubt the two will ever have all the same G2s, Hybrids, and Super Hybrids. Just because that game has different hybrids from dinos in JW:TG that already had Hybrids wayyu before Alive was released.

I simply do not see that happening, so please take a deep breath and stop taking my opinion so seriously…

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Ok I am sorry but VIP hybrids nothing in game but baryonyx already VIP and gen2 come tournament it has hybrid come spinonyx or spinoconstrictor = Spino gen2 + gigantophis lvl 40 or boa constrictor but not in game this creature

This is the best thing I have heard for a gen 2 hybrid but if we can’t even get a koola s hybrid forget about a new spinotasuchus sigh another day of screaming at ludia

Yes, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

they really don’t need to. just baryonyx and spins gen 2 is fine

Actually, we can make it Spinoraptor gen 2, if we has the utah gen 2 (And maybe we will, From the new dino coming soon news)

And then we super hybrid it with kaprosuchus, and eventually we have spinotasuchus gen 2, a spinosaurid As strong as indoraptor G2

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It would actually be stronger than Indor Gen 2 because of its Tournament component

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Ooooo Now this really is OP

It would be better that way. Spino Gen 2 + Utah Gen 2 would create the Spinoraptor Gen 2, and Spinoraptor Gen + Kaprosuchus Gen 2 would create the Spinotasuchus Gen 2. It would probably be one of the strongest.