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New carnivores. Oviraptorids and gorgonopsids

Since they exist in jwa i think they will release also soon.

Oviraptor (legendary)
Citipati (super rare)
Anzu (rare)

Inonstrancevia (legendary
Gorgonops (super rare)
Arctops (rare)


For gorgonipsians they’d problably need a new paleozoic thingy along with scuto moschops and giant arthropods(tho i wold say they would have to move the lizard like synapsids and most of the amphibians) oviraptorids are a poaibility for sure tho.

Yep I would love to have a Paleozoic park!

I don’t think we will get a palaeozoic exibit.
Dimetrodon a creature of the palaeozoic has been a land dinosaur so this indicates that gorgonopsids will also probably be added as carnivores