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New cautious strike ability update 1.12

We’ve heard your feedback about the move cautious strike. It now has damage over time 0.30 of the targets health. Nullify, increases damage, puts up long protection, and makes cloaks the user.


Seeing as how ludia added going through evasive and cloak abilities

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And they actually could do it too. That’s the dangerous part, lol.


Only boosts my confidence with Indo Gen 2. She will remain on my team as my true Ace of Spades.

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Can’t wait to see all the Indog2 users scrambling to think of counters for it to justify it’s existence at this point, lol.


Don’t forget it also breaks shields and pierces armour, and slows the opponent for 2 turns. And ofc it should also have a 50% chance to stun. Additionally, it’s distraction effect is buffed to 75% from 50%.


You are one step closer to truely Ludinising your game suggestions.

Throw in an unjustified Monomimus nerf and you got a deal!


Don’t forget, they need to make it defence shattering as well, because it serverly needs that!

I heard it’s getting this new ability “Definite persisting Stun”, which is a priority move that stuns the opponent for all eternity. You’ll never be able to use your dino again if you get hit by that.

Note: Ludia campaign: Unstun your eternally stunned creature for only 10k hc.

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You forgot it also has instant absolute invincibility, a new move which has the added advantage on CS of providing absolute invincibility against DSR too.

Remember it also has 100% crit and variable armour which can be 95% -99% depending on the opponent.


Don’t understand why any player needs to justify anything. It’s there for players to use. I have had it in my team since I created it and love it now level 23, I do think it’s cautious does need to lose cleanse, Or some sort of rework that balances it but still keeps it different enough from its unique cousin as do most who use Indoraptor Gen2 , I have no idea why they are going to implement the changes they have stated in the update details. It is no doubt going to be nerfed eventually once they have seen the errors of there ways🤞

All she needs is regen added to caustious strike as well and make it 2x damage :joy:

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Cautious strike now does:
3x damage, cleanse self, increase attack by 50% for 3 turns, reduce target’s damage by 75, destroy shield, bypass armor, decrease speed by 50%, 75% chance to dodge, 75% chance to stun, increase Crit Chance by 40%.

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Welp, lemme help you with that.

Monomimus - Swap-in ability changed to Swap-in-Heal. In exchange, Health drastically decreased to 2100. Attack decreased to 1000. Nullifying Strike becomes a Basic Strike.


Cautious strikes tool tip in 1.12 will read.

This skill does to much to list all affects, but this is the button you should be pressing.

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It will also automatically bill your opponent for monthly subscription fees even if they’re free-to-play.


At this point they should just merge all its abilities into one button.

No delay, No cooldown, just one big I win button…preferably my whole screen become that button when i have indo g2 in play. That way i can do something else while i tap my screen to win.