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New Cenozoic Creature Coming Soon!?!?

Apparently another Cenozoic creature is coming into the game.
Look :

To the delight of some players, and the sadness of others (like me), according to this news, a new creature capable of withstanding a blizzard is coming, would it be an argentavis? a new mammoth?
I don’t like Cenozoic creatures very much and I’m sad that it’s been a long time since a really new dino comes to game. (gen 2 is not new!)
Place your bets on this new dino. (ps: i bet on brachiosaurus xD)

That message I believe is referring to the boss battle that is coming and not a new creature.


If the past is anything to go by, this will be Maelstrom 08, based off of the Megaloceros


This should be an fun one, considering all the Panos I collected when the changes were announced! May have to consider whether to level them up any further than all the lvl 20’s I have considering that I don’t have quite the same numbers of everything else yet.

I’m pretty sure it’s for a Smilodon tournament this week

Well that sure would be a nice Christmas present for those of us that need that unlock!

Nevermind, the tournament is for Eucladoceros. Which is a good thing since it never had an unlock event, but I’m pretty sure most people voted for it for next Clash of Titans.

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Which makes me hopeful that CoT will be Smilodon instead!

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Same. I actually voted for the deer, but now i’m hoping Smiles can pull off a win. CoT and tournaments both for the same prize would be lame