New Cenozoic hybrid

Looks like one of the terror birds is getting a hybrid

What could the other half be? :thinking:


Since the Allonogmius set a precedent for cross-type hybrids (aquatic + Jurassic), this hybrid may be a cross between a Cenozoic bird and a carnivore or pterosaur (it looks like the bird has teeth). We’ll see. What dinosaurs don’t have a hybrid yet? Pteranodon, Ophiacodon. Ophiacodon could be a possibility.


I am no fan of this cross type hybrids. It strengthens one class at cost of another class. Well, ophiacodon would be a acceptable, I’ve got tons of it.


How is that different from losing say, an amphibian to get a carnivore hybrid?

In your example you get a new strong creature for your class lineup by sacrificing another one.
If you make a cross type hybrid one lineup gets weaker and the other stronger, in the worst case it disturbs your balance.
Sacrificing a Bananogmuis for the first hybrid of that kind definitely disturbed my aquatic lineup. And the effect on Jurassic was close to zero. If there’s one thing I’ve got more than plenty it is carnivores.


Which is more an issue of what they chose to do with it that’s the issue than just the concept itself. I doubt you would feel the same if we had gotten a really nice amphi hybrid instead.

I wouldn’t mind a strong attack savannah hybrid, but kind of hard to care about cenozoics when Ludia asks us to do so little with them. My guess though it whatever it is, is going to use the Gastornis we just won.

If it’s a Hybrid that is made of two rare or super rare creatures I wouldn’t mind, but the last (first) cross type Hybrid showed otherwise.

I don’t think this is a cross hybrid. For some reason i’m getting Diprotodon vibes from the teeth


Can I borrow your teeth for my next visit in a casino? :tooth:


Looks suspiciously like phorusrhacos to me… wonder if it’s gonna be that or gastornis since we just got it, similar to how they did :banana::tropical_fish:


Maybe Gastornis and Glyptodon?

I think it looks like Phorusrhacos, but I have no idea what the other part is. This is much harder to guess than Archaeophicyon was. I’m excited for it since the cenozoics are my favorite and the more the better.

I think I can see scales on it’s body. My best guess is probably Ophiacodon.

Phorusrharcos + deinocheirus ? xD

That’s one cool fusion

Fairly certain this is one ingredient like other have said. The hybrid picture looks like the feathers are more scale like in the shadows

Possibly Kelenken:

Played with the lighting and coloring of the news feed, the eye looks like the Kelenken possibly:

Maybe this guy:


Was the beasts of the biodome news feed article today trying to hint at something?



Oh I thought the same as this

I had exactly the same thought ! This hybrid has no scales , so we can’t say that one of her parents is Jurassic. The head of it has many similarities with Entelodon .

My first thought was Phorusrhacos but an unusually high number of trade harbour offers for Kelenken have also appeared lately…

Suspect that news article is more than a hint but won’t be rushing to buy a number of Entelodon just yet!

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If it is Kelenken, then it’ll be a shiny savanah hybrid, even though we already have one, but no caves.
That could cause problems