New Cenozoic hybrid

I am hoping.



Wow… How you get so many kelenken BRO…

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I’m guessing daily custom trades for coins. I do those too, but then trade them back to get a nice amount of LPs. Or DNA.

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My 1 non vip daily custom trade for coins. It never gives me anything else. I have only hatched about 5. I do trade some for bucks every now and again when offered. As they are quite nice looking I dont like trading them though. I will have a fleet of them at level 40 one day.

It would take you just over 13 weeks or 3 months to hatch them all out if you only focused on hatching them in each of the 4 pods. Assuming you don’t do any speed ups.

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I guessed it would be something horrific like that.

Still buying/hatching/levelling both ingredients for my Yukon right now and then moving onto either Allonogmus or Patchygallosaurus. I have been using a lot of speedups for bucks lately so will now be trading Kelenken for bucks when I get the offer. I suspect the flock will just keep on increasing.

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Wow. Those birds sure flocked your way

We guessed right this time !


This hybrid look very nice at lv 40


@Dawid_G-ski more photos please !


170000 DNA to max this hybrid

Mine will have to stay at lev 1 for a while. Very low on all resources. Had to rush it.

oh, it’s so pretty. It looks like an evil Dodo bird. :star_struck:


I’m pretty sorted on resources but only probably to make a lvl 30 and another lvl 20

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Cool looking birdy, but not much of the Entelodon in it. Would have been cool to see something more like a Griffon.

99 million cash, dna and vip. Well, the bad croppin gave it away lol


I don’t know what your problem is but i dont have 99 million everything.I Play this game for a long time …


Im pretty sure the numbers on your last 2 photos were changed. I’ve been playing the game for along time aswell, but even i don’t have a lvl 40 hybrid terror bird when the creature just came out.

Last week I buy some DNA pack because one had 30000 DNA …I live in Poland and pack here are cheap .

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