New Cenozoic hybrid

So I create the hybrid with 300pln.

It’s cool, i understand.

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I don’t care in the sense that this game is only against your self and we will never actually face each other in a battle. I remember seeing your first post before you cropped it and you did have what I would call unreasonably high levels of resources in the picture. I remember this because I was going to say something about it but I choose not to since again a hacked account does nothing to my game play and I don’t understand why folks do it but to each his own. You later then modified the picture to crop out the resources but didn’t quite crop them out all the way and could still see the edges of the bottom of each resource like @jessieh has pointed out.

The new picture you posted also has a problem in the story line your first picture:

Notice the experience bar and pointing out in the green your DNA is well over 30 million based on the shadowing of the numbers and the commas.
Then you post this picture a day later I am assuming showing where your resources stand today:
The only issue is some how you lost experience between the two pictures. Again I don’t care if you hack or not that is not for me to police but there is no need to be dishonest on the forum, use other people’s pictures as your own, or whatever else is going on here in this mixed up story line.


Nice work.

Don’t you feel like a detective ? :joy:

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I haven’t seen his first post.
Knowing now what you discovered (Mr. Sherlock Holmes Ambassador) I would like to remove my like to his post, if only I could.
Like you I do not care if someone hacks the game, although I can’t understand why people do it. I also can’t understand why Ludia isn’t able, or willing, to identify and disable hackers.
Accounts with 99mio VIP points or bucks would be guaranteed candidates.


There is no game where the hackers are disabled, except of minecraft where players can report hackers (This is one of my brother’s favourite activities ) .

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Yes. I would like to remove mine too.


My little bird.


This is something i wanted to say for a while, and i guess this is an opportune moment. Every time a new hybrid is released, you get lots of hackers making YouTube videos showcasing them, and since many people want to see the brand new creature, and views equal money, we have people making money by hacking the game. That’s a pretty important reason why hackers hack. To make money. One way of potentialy fixing this, would be if Ludia themselves did showcase videos on their channel, so that people who want to see the new addition evolved, or check his stats, or maybe find out how much it costs, but can’t get it at release, don’t have to resort to hackers


I could do two but I have so much in my pipeline to evolve that it is going to take a while before I can afford to block a chamber with a 4 (or much more) hours candidate.

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I had 4 x Troodon already being made and had to rush them so I could make a lot of Phorusrhacos which I also then had to rush. Luckily for me I already had a lev 40 Entelodon. Then I rushed the final fusion. I used so much food, dna and bucks. I also traded nearly my whole stock of fossils to get more of everything. It is better than waiting and just sitting on the bucks when I have so much more to get on and create in the game.

It took a little bit longer but here is my Tweety.


I only have a level 20 Phoru, and I like to wait until discount days for spending DNA or using DBs for speedups, so will take me some time to get it made. But patience pays off!

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