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New Cenozoic Lineup

That would be about right. I skipped modded tournaments as being too expensive and me being too unskilled at first

Sion - do you agree I should sell my lv 30 Oh Master Of The Stats?

I don’t know if I would sell it just yet:

Had to do a camera picture from my computer right now so hopefully you can read that.

That is including the creatures you mentioned in your message.

I would see how the first couple of Cenozoic events go before selling that top creature

Did you say you did not have Megatherium unlocked? That could be an option to bolster your Cave lineup. You also might have enough snows and savannas that you can go without the class advantage in some fights and just take out a snow creature with a snow creature.


Thank you so much!!

The 3000 gap in ferocity between the first and second creatures is what’s bothering me. There’s 3,700 between top and the next cavern I can build up without unlocking more

I have got megatherium unlocked and at 40, that’s my next strongest cavern after hyaenadon but I can’t get multiple hyaenadons so I’ll get another lv 40 megatherium but it does leave me with massive gaps and reliant on spending big bucks on cool downs - sooo frustrating after completing my dream team line up with no cooling necessary just last week.

I’ll see how I get on but am expecting that I’ll get annoyed at cds - I had it nailed and was moving on to other hatching my backlog of 7 day hatchers now I was so comfortable for all events.

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Just a reminder that our big JRTG spreadsheet has a lot of this information too. We’ve got a lot of the stats for the new cenos already filled in (I’ve added all these DNA costs that I didn’t already have, and that someone annoyingly filled in with old data) but there’s also sheets with all the unlock and tournament histories, at least as far back as I could get off FB and this forum.

I do agree that Hyaenadon is annoyingly hard to get. Until recently it was the 10K I have the least amount of. Ludia would be smart to make it a 20K buy in the near future.

Since it is only a three class battle on Cenozoic fights you can cover one with another meaning a cave creature is really meant to take out a snow creature and not have to worry about its attack. If you can replace a cave with a high hitting snow creature which you will have you can still take out the snow creature even with out the cave. Since you only have the one out in front and you have decent Savanna creatures you might be okay until you can build up some more cave creatures. Since we typically only have one maybe two Cenozoic events a week I don’t think you will have to much trouble with the cool downs. This was an added benefit of them needing a lot of the creatures health as it reduced the cool down time for them as well.

A lot of my battles I try and set them up where I put a throw away creature first and then only use two creatures to finish the battle, I have found this an easy way to stretch my creature line up if needed.


@NatoPMT I’ve been playing my second account with a cenozoic lineup that is just as wonky (this update has actually sorted that out though). As sionsith says, with only three classes you can actually get away with it and to be honest it makes for some interesting fights. I’d definitely wait and see what the first few events bring you.

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Old Ceno lineup

New Ceno lineup

Smilodon Populator now really brings devastation
@NatoPMT Now i can’t unsee Panochthus’ old man face.


Here is what my cenozoic looks like now after the shuffle:

I am not going to sell that Brontotherium even though it is out in front I will just continue to add support behind it.

I did the same thing with Jurassic after I leveled an Indoraptor to level 20 foolishly back before I realized what it would do to my lineup, but now this is my lineup for Jurassics:


To be fair, none of us really knew what was going on after that update… pretty sure you were the one that figured out our opponents were leveled in respect to our top ferocities… May as well cherish that Indoraptor am I right :joy:


I recently had time to enter the new cenezoic data in my own personal spreadsheet.

Old ferocity graphic

New ferocity graphic

My AFS dropped from 9998 to 9575, AFS(15) from 8226 to 7133 and AFS(30) from 6020 to 5897.

The difference of AFS - AFS(15) was 1772, now it’s 2443. That means that the balance of my strongest 15 creatures is a little bit worse as it was before.

On the other hand my 30 strongest creatures are now more balanced than before, the difference dropped from 3978 to 3679.

In summary the adjustments don’t look very dramatic to me and I’m optimistic that I will still be able to complete most of the cenezoic events to come.

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I did the same with my Jurassic before I joined the forum and spent 6m thinking if my top creature was just a bit better I’d be ok in events. I’m still paying for that but so much more balanced now. Took me a year to balance but at least my cenozoic balance doesn’t require 5 x lv 30 gorgosuchus to match it

One more hyaenadon will help so I’m saving extra loyalty points in case an 11,000 point deal comes up - if I get that then my cds will be more manageable

The cd issue is more that we only get 24 hours on events so I might have to cd hyaenadon 3 times within 24 hours… and if I get a match up needing more than 1 strong cavern I could be cornered. The snow tip is useful so extra thanks for that


Looks like a few of us have that 3000 difference between top and 2nd creatures

Reconvene back here after the first cenozoic event for commiserations/ congratulations :joy:


So segnosuchus at 29 is similar to indoraptor at 10

And a metriaphodon level up

I’m going for both of those next!!

It is not just one creature at the top for me, the big gap is between position 5 and 7.

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Oh yes, same issue as me with best ferocity being loyalty point creatures?

So I can stand down on the histrionics for now, today’s event I’ve completed the first 2 battles, the 3rd I can complete tonight with no bucks spent then tomorrow I’ll probably need to cd my best but hopefully can complete the 4th battle at that point

I’m going to need another lv 20 mammotherium and another 2 x lv 30 smithetoceras to reduce cd spending

The last battle of the 4 which is I revealed as yet will decide if I go back to into hissy fit mode

I lost the last fight once but made it in the end. No need for any cooldowns.

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I had already bought the last Smithetoceras I needed for a level 40 a few days ago and was planning to evolve one by the weekend.
After the adjustment it has a new ferocity of 12800, more than 3000 points more than the strongest VIPs.
I’m sure that would have been the end of my lineup for months, so I cancelled my plans indefinitely.
Only Mammotherium has a comparable ferocity and am not going to bring it to level 40 either.

I just thought of this, are we now going to have Smilodon tournaments? Or Megatherium tournaments?


Bingo bingo