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New championships?!?

So with ludia having there 12 different championship creatures. What will happen to creatures that have a exclusive counter part (example Dsungai) will they ever get a championship (if/when they get a hybrid) or will the ignored.

It’s just gonna repeat the uniques.

We don’t know anything yet. Maybe they only repeated testacornibus because they messed up its first championship so badly (800,000 points just to hit tier 8). Next month will be the real indication.


I hope they do others, there’s plenty of uniques that haven’t been featured yet. The interesting thing is that none of them have an exclusive ingredient. The fact that exactly 12 uniques have exclusive ingredients and that these 12 uniques were featured in tournaments is kinda sus to me. That doesn’t mean that others aren’t hard to make though (like Tryko requiring three epics, including Kentrosaurus). And I’m not sure what they would do when they release more uniques with exclusive ingredients - kick out an old dino from the rotation?

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That’s what I am saying. I don’t see them just sticking to the same 12 and if they did. I am sure lots of people will be mad. Now I am not against them repeating a couple but to not add ANYMORE! Come on ludia. Don’t do it.

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Honestly if they’re doing this for exclusivity, it shouldn’t matter. Skoonasaurus may have an exclusive ingredient, but I can guarantee that most people would prefer a Magnapyritor tournament over it.


100% I agree

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