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New Character Spoiler - Incoming

Im honestly very very surprised to log onto the forums today and not se any topics about this! We have a Swashbuckler incoming!!!


They recently updated their twitter banner with this image!!!

For those old school DnD players, who else is guessing Jarlaxie?

@Jon If im right, can I get him for free for being the first to guess <3


Here are possible gear pieces we may see!


  • A wide-brimmed purple hat with a huge white *[feather of diatryma summoning] which could be used to summon one of the Underdark birds; the feather always grew back after being used for the summoning.The hat itself was a hat of disguise, which allowed him to use magic to disguise himself.

  • One of his jeweled earrings could extend its size to that of a small grappling hook, used as such when tied to a rope.

  • A knave’s eye patch that prevented magical and psionic intrusion or, if shifted to the other eye, enhanced his vision. It also enabled Jarlaxle to see through doors.

  • A many-hued cloak that displaced light, thus hindering ranged attacks.

  • A brooch of shielding

  • A pair of boots that could be noisy or silenced at will. These were common among drow nobles.

  • A house emblem of House Baenre, which allowed him to levitate.

  • A ring of arbitration that the drow retrieved after the half-orc Olgerkhan dropped it.

  • A ring that created illusionary copies of the bearer.

  • A ring of teleport.

  • A belt that was a snake that would uncoil into a snake-rope for climbing when needed, extending to whatever length was required.

  • A fine cord that could elongate to at least 120 ft, tucked under the silken band of his hat.

  • An earring that he could tug on to escape quickly. He used this only as a last resort.

  • A cloak of invisibility

  • A ring of truth telling


  • A bracer of flying daggers on each wrist that could produce a nearly infinite supply of throwing daggers. One in every three or so daggers was actually an illusion, but could still be fatal if it was believed to be real. The daggers magically disappeared after a short period of time, returning themselves to his magic bracers.

  • A pair of belted daggers that could be extended into swords with the flick of a wrist.

  • A variety of slender wands that were capable of releasing anything from a lightning bolt to a greenish, gluey semi-liquid blob of goo. One such wand could create a solid stone wall to cut off the pursuit of enemies. Another wand created illusions. In true Jarlaxle fashion, he spent much time practicing with it until he could produce an illusionary fireball so realistic that creatures within the illusion burned as if from a real, as long as they didn’t know it was an illusion. He was known to fire a blast at his own feet, killing any surrounding enemies, and leaving himself unharmed. His favorite wand was the wand of viscous globs. He also carried a wand of web.

  • A small silver mace charm attached to his hat that could be enlarged to a medium-sized heavy silver mace.

  • Hand-held crossbow with darts dipped in drow sleeping poison.

  • A +3 rapier.

  • *+3 leather armor.


  • Several extra-dimensional devices, including a button on his waistcoat that turned into a bag designed to shield the magical emanations of its contents, a belt pouch of extra-holding which contained fine Cormyrean brandy and a portable hole that he kept stored in the underside of his wide-brimmed hat.The portable hole could be used to create a temporary hole in whatever surface it touches. A similar (possibly the same) item created a hole that led to an extra-dimensional room large enough to hold several humanoids. He also carried a ring that opened a limited number of extra-dimensional portals
  • A black cloth in the shape of a small bat that turned into a living creature which could serve as a scout.
  • A palm-sized ornament in the form of a silvery rearing dragon, with wings and jaws spread wide. This was a gift from the dragon [Ilnezhara] It was, in truth, a charm to secure the entrance of a room. It was a trap bringing forth the various breath forms of the deadly chromatic dragons based on a previously set color.
  • A tablecloth that could magically provide a feast.
  • A pair of obsidian steed figurines of wondrous power. fashioned after one that he recovered from the dead body of Mariabronne the Rover They summoned [nightmares]; he gave one to Artemis and kept the other for himself.
  • A silver whistle hanging on a chain around his neck that could open and close doors and the like regardless of traps and locks on them. Different abilities were activated by blows on it of varying lengths.
  • A whistle that could only be heard by members of Bregan D’aerthe.
  • Two jewel skull gems, artifacts obtained from relics of the lich [Zhengyi]. One had the power to raise humans from the deadand the other to employ the help of the powerful dracolich Jarlaxle later gave them to his lieutenant [Kimmuriel Oblodra] for study.
  • A small silver cone to create an area of amplified sensibilities enabling him to overhear the conversation of his subjects from a long distance.
  • A small orb which, when crushed, could throw him through the multiverse, but to which of existence Jarlaxle could not predict. This was his last route of escape.
  • Agatha’s mask, an item of illusionary magic obtained from Drizzt Do’Urden via Entreri.
  • A copy of the magically persuasive ruby pendant
  • A viol which, when active, hovered in the air and played music on its own.

Your going to be very disappointed if it’s not him :wink:

Although if is, I hope you get a free character :slight_smile:


Cape, feathered hat, sword…hmmm.


Tweeted today! Definitely Jarlaxie :wink:


What class? I cant imagine it could one of the missing ones. I guess Monk and Druid will have to wait.

Yeah I really would have loved a Monk but if they are going to repeat a class at least Jarlaxle is a really interesting character with a lot of potential. And I don’t even use the Rogue in my roster even though her attacks are devastating because she is so fragile she is always dead in PvP before she gets to attack.

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The character feels like a fighter/rogue dual class or specifically Swashbuckler being a rogue subclass in 5e.

Can we please get a gnome as the next new character?