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Dear Ludia,

I am begging you, before you release another character that no one wants, please release the new dungeon that you have been working on for the last 6 months.

Every single player of this game


Or just release something that you aren’t charging people for :slight_smile:

I dont even care if we have to pay for the new dungeon. Just release some new content instead of over charging people for characters they dont want

@Ludia_Developers, it would be a grave error to release another hero before delivering some practical content. Those who enjoy the PvE experience have been waiting over a year for new content and PvP fanatics have long coveted the promised PvP guild event.

As players have begun to concede development of the app has ended, I might suggest releasing one these features before any further heroes. I doubt many players will be willing to spend $50 on another new hero when all appearances indicate the app may soon be taken offline.


While I do agree with you that new content should be released before a new hero, if they were taking the app offline - why would they care about appeasing folks with a Joppa solution?

Unless you’re insinuating that they’re trying to lull folks into a false sense of security, for a final money grab on a new hero before they pull the plug? This also makes no sense however, because if the game were literally at all profitable, pulling the plug doesn’t add up. Even if they did nothing at all beyond paying to keep the servers running, if they are still covering that cost with a slight profit, tabling the app that they’ve spent a lot of money on to develop is a bad move. The fact that they haven’t pulled the plug by now shows that there is a slight revenue stream at least.

Your argument is additionally flawed, because if they wanted to lull folks into a sense of security in a money grab before closing the doors - why would they bother angering even more people by reducing quest rewards, by removing the red chest, by adding 250 points to obtain that chest. Why not keep the status quo to reap even more benefits on an upcoming hero release? Seems to me that they’re continually just trying to alter their business model in any way they can, but not straight up close shop. Some things work, other things haven’t been. My 2 cents.

I don’t care about their marketing strategy or business model. They are losing players day after day, data are crystal clear and don’t lie.

They try to make the most from big spenders/whales by releasing new characters every 2 months. The new Black Dragon content is just a mirage. I unsubscribed and I know many players have already done the same. I only log in to collect free chests and to sell capped items cards.

Ludia…I have no more words for you.


User data illustrates the app likely does not produce enough revenue for further development, As such, many sensibly suspect the app is on life-support (consistent hero drops), with the plug scheduled to be pulled shortly after the Disney product is released early next year. [Assuming Disney does not choose to pull the app altogether] Perhaps this might explain many of Ludia’s odd behaviors.

I’m just trying to be positive in light of all the heat they always receive (perhaps rightfully so), in hopes that they understand that many people like myself still do want to play this game.

I clearly don’t want to waste my time on an app that definitely will be taken down, but if it’s 100% certain I’ll move on. But the reality is that it’s not 100% certain. I recently revisited completely defunct games from years and years ago that now have virtually zero playerbase, and yet they were still running. There is a difference between spending money on development, and spending money on server capacity. What many companies do rather than shutting down is just keep the lights on so to speak (ie: keep the servers going), but do not further develop the game at all. Who knows, maybe they’re in this mode already and just pushing out content (heroes) that were already in the pipeline.

One thing I do know for sure, if they continue allowing in-game purchases, and continue to add characters for purchase and then simply pull the plug without a very long period of notice (more likely in the half-year or longer range) - then they certainly will face legitimate legal ramifications. And any/all purchases made over the course of the last few months to year (including basic VIP ones) are eligible to be disputed through the Apple or Android store for full customer refunds on the companies expense. Any money they think they’re generating now in quick hero releases will be completely wiped out, and exponentially moreso in legal fees/disputes. These signs point to them not imminently (or even early next year) pulling the plug as you suggest, as they would have had to disclose a shutdown to give customers a fair warning in advance.

Far more likely is that yes, while it is a money grab with the hero releases, they’ll simply just keep the lights on as some people continue to buy packages and VIP to advance their characters.

Final thought is that if you go down the path of thinking they already had these heroes previously developed and are just releasing them in rolled batches every few months, there is a high likelihood they already have the structure for at least some kind of additional content planned as well (whether it’s in the form a new dungeon, harder explore mode playthroughs, the black dragon, etc). No one thought they’d address the Joppa issue besides myself and one or 2 others, and while some don’t agree with the solution - they still did address it. Let’s wait and see.

@DungeonBorn, you have presented a good case, however, I suspect you be a new arrival to WoW.

A search of the threads will reveal that server capacity/connectivity has been the most critical problem for this developer. As Disney will likely compel the developer to provide consistent server connectivity for their branded product, I suspect Ludia will need to maximize server capacity. This is one concern which makes the arrival of the Disney product a likely deadline for WoW.

Linked below is a search of these forums for the term “server”. I suggest these threads may provide some insight on the unresolved connectivity issues. Similar search results can be found for all Ludian products including their recent release.

Unfortunately this is untrue. Rarely is much warning time given for app/game closures. One or two months seems common for mobile apps and server-dependent PC games. Often less than a few days are provided.

We have already been waiting for more than a year for the next challenge. With much of the original WoW staff re-directed to other more urgent projects combined with the user base decimation, I cannot see them changing tact.

I am also hopeful the game has a future, but month after month this continues to appear far less likely. I think we are already in the ‘keeping the lights on’ phase you mentioned in your post.

[EDIT: As a side note, I have just been informed all mention of Warriors of Waterdeep and/or WotC has been removed from the Ludia Wikipedia page. This might seem to support the shared theory postulated above.]

[Edit 2: Another user has since identified the edit history shows this has not recently been changed. I glanced at the ‘view history’ tab but the info shown is all gobbledygook to me, so I will accept as fact. However, this may indicate wheels have been in motion longer than I had thought.]

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I have more words for them…

They took a fantastic game with unlimited potential and through pure greed and mismanagement have slowly ruined it!

Gary Gygax is rolling(pardon the pun) in his grave.


Lmfao. If you check the Wikipedia edits, nothing was just changed. In fact, going back through the edits, I don’t see it was ever added to their list of games

@Keith could you please pass this on to whomever and update your page, please.

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Disney product? I guess I’m late on this news. What does Disney have anything to do with WoW?

@PrestonSJ, while Disney has nothing to do with WoW, Ludia is reportedly releasing a Disney branded app early next year. This is what is reference in my post. Hopefully, this clarifies the perspective of my post.

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