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New character 😍

So I did the subscription so I could match franz (which hasn’t even popped up once and im pretty upset about it) but boy, oh boy, they have a new guy coming and im in love :heart_eyes: His name is Emerson grey and he’s an artist that’s got a goth vibe to him and im SO excited for when we get to match him!
Just came here to geek out okay :sweat_smile::joy:

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Technically, Emerson isn’t a new character, just a new counterpart for Sage/Vitoria. :grinning:


Oh no ill be so upset if thats really it bc I’d much rather drop Vitoria for him but I am nooot restarting the whole app just so I could match him :sob:

Unfortunately he is definitely a counterpart for Sage/Vitoria. I feel the same way. I’d like to swap Sage for him but don’t really feel like restarting AGAIN for another counterpart. On the off-chance they do allow switches later, I’m just not doing Sage’s story for now so maybe I can jump ship mid-plot if the option arises.

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