New characters ruined the game

I needed an excuse to quit this game, as I’ve been playing a year, 18th level PCs, lead a guild, etc, but there’s nothing left but PvP. Pikel and Coriolis are completely overpowered regardless of restore abilities and have completely sucked the fun and skill out of the game. I refuse to wait or pay for either of them, and I also refuse to waste hours of my time leveling them up and joining in the game breaking terrible play. I am the exact customer you would want to keep around but I’m done, you ruined a game that was in its deathbed anyway.

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you didnt buy the new characters, you are NOT the customer they are looking for lol


Haha maybe you’re right, do you know how to cancel VIP?

If that’s what it takes to convince yourself to quit, then do what you gotta do. But there are far more compelling reasons if you were seriously looking for one. Pikel and Coriolis are nowhere near game breaking.

Everyone will have Pikel for free in literally 2 or 3 days due to quests, and almost every Coriolis encounter I’ve had she’s melted in a single hit. And I’m the same tier as you level-wise. Coriolis will be pushed to everyone soon enough, and there will be a few that have already advanced her pretty far, with the majority just starting out with her new.

“Nothing left but PvP”… a few weeks after Ludia announced that there will be a large v16.1 update with new content mode, potential replayable explore area, the black dragon, and more. But go ahead pal, you’ve already convinced yourself because you hit a losing streak just like everyone else does.

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It is a shame they have decided to suspend many long standing accounts. The forums died almost immediately after it became somewhat taboo to criticize the app. I much preferred when the threads were alive with active players sharing thoughts and opinions. Of all the forums I have reviewed, this is the first where insiders are actively permitted to belittle the concerns of regular users.


Shhhhh :face_with_hand_over_mouth::shushing_face: Big Brother is Watching… :smirk:

I personally don’t think pikel is too op though his death ward does countdown too quickly.
Coriolis is ridiculous though.
I was recently playing against a team of 18th levs with a 13 coriolis.
Every player got death ward and fury. No idea how she works - but that’s stupid. And I’m imaging what she’ll be like at 18 th…
Definitely op.

Another day, another flounce.

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the game needs new characters otherwise it will die to there being nothing new. However they also need to be tuned. I kinda hold judgement until the new characters are close to lvl and gear of others to see if they ae balanced for pvp. I remember when jarlaxle first came out people complained he was OP and then once people got him close to the level and gear of original characters it turns out hes actually very weak and no one even uses him. A character people originally claimed to be OP is in fact underpowered and needs buffed in the vast majority of players opinion. So until we start to see these new characters at lvl 18 and geared its kinda hard to tell what is truly Op and what isnt. Some characters also scale betetr the higher level they get and others just dont. All things to consider when talking about a specific character.


Really hope they look at Cariolis Fury giving 3 attacks when no other instance of Fury gives a 3rd attack action. I really hope it’s a bug that gets addressed. Fury with 2 attacks is really strong. 3 attacks just melts toons and is way unbalanced. 3 attacks of Fury will bug out a deathwarded toon and skip through the revive animation as More people start using Cariolis and there’s more battles where Both squads have her and hand out Fury and deathwardes it’s gonna bug out sessions. And it will be a race to restart app just so you don’t lose turns to timer counting down.

And it doesn’t matter if Cariolis is squishy and dies to one hit if all it does is revive her to full health and reset her cool down abilities. Her deathward that she hands out shouldn’t revive to full health. At least Pikels deathward doesn’t even revive to 75% health till it’s at max ability upgrade. And they have done at least 4 Cariolis gear events in the short time she has been out so people already have her geared well enough to wreck in PvP. I already basically expect to lose when I see her in matches. It’s only gonna get worse as people get her even more well geared up.